Monday, August 31, 2015

GBT04 Gear Chronicle: NEXTAge boyz!

Gear Chronicle users has some new toys to play with. The new support makes various builds more potent but I'll just start off with the build the majority has in mind.

x4 Chronodragon Nextage
x3 Interdimensional Dragon, Faterider Dragon
x1 Interdimensional Beast, Upheaval Pegasus

x4 Chronojet Dragon
x3 Steam Fighter, Balif

x4 Upstream Dragon (Toolbox)
x4 Relic Master Dragon (Bounce)
x2 Glimmer Breath Dragon (Bounce)
x2 Steam Maiden, Ishin (Silent tom)

x4 Steam Fighter, Ul-nigin (Chronojet Unflipper)
x4 Steam Maiden, Arlim (CCPG)
x4 Steam Breath Dragon (Stride Fodder)
x1 Steam Scara, Gigi (SB2 Draw 1)
x1 Steam Rider, Burnham (10k VG booster)

x4 Heart Thump Worker (Chronojet Crit)
x4 Steam Battler, Dadasig (Crit)
x4 Steam Battler, Meshda (Crit)
x4 Steam Maiden, Uluru (Heal)
x1 Gunnergear Dracokid (Starter V)

Nextage maxed as its the prime winning condition of the deck. Optimal attack pattern would be an unboosted Nextage attack, followed by a 26k(Chronojet + Burnham) guard restricted attack. Trigger power ups can be placed to the VG booster to push the game further.

Rest of the slots goes to Faterider to tutor key units like Ul-nigin, Upstream Dragon and setting up Burnham for Nextage next turn. I've included Upheaval Pegasus to disrupt clans that are setup dependent (GC,RP,SP,NN,DP,AqF etc). Might adjust depending on the metagame.

G3: Chronojet/Balif is the standard lineup to go for the clan since the deck focuses on Chronojet while Balif supports that.

Upstream Dragon is one of my new favourite cards in the clan. It works well with FateRider and tutors key G1 units for the next turn. (Ul-nigin, Burnham) Rest of the slots for Relic Master/Steam Breath for field control and Ishin for late game pushes. Puzuru-Ili can be considered for a less conditional Silent Tom.

Possible edits:(-1 Ishin -2 Glimmer Breath, +3 Puzur-Ili)

Ul-nigin solves the resource management problem the clan faced. Might cut 1 to expand tech choices. Rest of the slots are dedicated to PG, Stride fodder and tech cards. Possible edits: (-1 Gigi, +1 Burnham)

Moar crits to make the Nextage-Chronojet attack more potent. The deck is so VG-centric in the later stages of the game that draw triggers are somewhat irrelevant to push the game to that state. Gunnergear Dracokid serves as a backup when you're out of efficient stride fodders.

This particular build is a linear build which sets up for strong Nextage pushes, while having some efficient field control and tutoring mechanics at the side. Despite its lackluster mechanical design as a clan, NEXTAge could potentially be disgusting since it combines a "restanding" mechanic and a guard restriction mechanic.

Its just a mock up build that is yet to be tested but it's how I'd build my Gear Chronicle anyway. Feel free to try it out and see for yourself.

Summit Crest Gear Wolf is a much better choice than Burnham because of better stats


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