Saturday, July 18, 2015

Deck Tech: Deny Eradicator

Hey hi, Psychosnake here. It's been a really long time (2 years) since I've updated this blog. Main reasons are because at that period of time, I wasn't really enjoying the game as much as I used to and the motivation to update the blog dissolves in the process. That and irl stuff kept me busy from actually updating this blog and play the actual card game irl.

However, I have been keeping up with the expansions and have played games on Cardfight area to test builds. That and increased interest in the game plus more content to share with you guys. Expect to see more updates from the blog form now on.,_Buwer

For those who don't know what Bewer does, it tutors a Limit Break unit at the cost of retiring itself when it hits the Vanguard. It is a significant boost for older deck types which rely on the Limit Break mechanic. It is still debatable whether most decks that have an established optimal lineup can make room for this unit alone.

Also, Bewer makes 4G3.dek much more viable than it is before, featuring one of the strongest Limit Break units to have hit the competitive scene.


Deny - Eradicator

4 Eradicator Dragonic Descendent

4 Chouou
4 Chatura
4 Heat Elemental Buwer
1 Zuitan

4 Eradicator Sentinel
4 Rising Phoenix
4 Ceremonial Bonfire Eradicator, Castor
4 Eradicator, Demolition Dragon

10C-2D-4H (All Eradicator triggers)
1 Linchu
4 Conquering Supreme Dragon, Conquest Dragon
2 Lightning Dragon Knight, Zorras
1 Snow Element, Blizza
1 Miracle Element, Atmos

I've been testing lots of 4G3.dek and tbh. the issue of not fetching a G3 on the turn it is needed is rarely an issue. Usually, I would have dig deep into the deck to fetch that 1 copy of the G3 on the turn I need it. In this case, G-Assist and the draw engine in the deck increases the consistency of fetching at least a copy of EDD.

4G3 = more G2/G1. That means stronger early game and less chances of G3 clogging the hand. Also, in most cases, I woudl ride EDD on the turn I'm gonna win. Doing that denies
Legion/Stride/Generation Break dependent decks while the G2s perform to the best they can do.. Even if the opponent is playing the denial game, EDD isn't affected as it doesn't use the Legion/Stride mechanic.

As for the G2 lineup, I decided to go with the most reactive lineup to place me in an advantageous position in all stages of the game.

I've maxed Buwer so that you can fetch EDD as fast as possible while pressuring the opponent. It also acts as a  misdirection for attacks. Forcing out a 5k/10k guard while tanking an attack worth 10k guard is value in my favor. Baiting out a removal also works in my favor. I can follow up with a CIP play (Chouou/Phoenix) and go for the offensive.

Chouou and Phoenix aren't new stuff for those who have been running Eradicators during their prime. Being able to slow down the opponent using Chouou while accelerating with Phoenix is the way to go for the deck.

Chatura is what I consider a staple in most Narukami decks in the current era. His stats and effects are cheap and provides early game pressure right off the bat. Nothing much to explain here.

Zuitan is essentially the G2 Eradicator filler here. It has nice interactions with Linchu and Phoenix.

Maxed Castor to dig deeper into the deck for cards like Chouou/Phoenix/Chatura/Buwer/EDD.  In a sense, optimizes your hand by discarding unneeded cards for something more reactive. I can even use it to attack on the turn I called it to expand the value of the card.

Demolition dragon as a reliable boost/attack. The presence of Demolition Dragon allows me to invest more slots to G1s as it has both the roles of the booster and an attacker while securing a very aggressive turn 1.

The rest are essentially filler Eradicators to feed EDD.

The reason I'm running with 10 Crits is due to the nature of the deck to draw and win the EDD gamble when the opponent declares NG at 4 damage.I need a high Crit count in the deck while reducing the possibility of drawing into a draw trigger. I can go with 12 Crits, but I also want the security the 2 draws bring me in the game. The extra draws are convenient at times. The trigger lineup is up for debate but so far, I'm comfortable with this.

I'll test this out once Area updates.

- PsychoSnake


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