Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thousand Name Wyvern Knight

Thousand Name Wyvern Knight

Basically, he is a unit which greatly helps the current Narukami Nobles, Indra and Vayu. Being able to copy their names, it is much easier to pull off their effects since Wyvern knight is the wildcard.

I'm not really keen on Vayu since huge power VG can still be screwed up by perfect guards.

Indra is one of the Grade 3 units in the game that can gain +1 Critical before reaching 4 damage - other cards that can do so are units like Majesty Lord Blaster and Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha. Indra, however has the possibility of getting +2 critical on the turn you ride him.

The main strategy is to get Indra to +2Critical and bash the opponent to 4 damage. If the opponent is persistent on keeping his damage low, just use Indra over and over again. Other than that, finish with descendent?(shrugs)

Thousand Name Wyvern Knight shows promise. The current Nobles, however, are abit underwhelming at the moment. It just depends on what Narukami Nobles will be appearing in the later sets.


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