Saturday, August 31, 2013

We're back + mini rant

"One does not simply play 8 draws in a Link Joker deck without playing extra copies of Dust-Tail Unicorn. Just kidding, you can play whatever the hell you want and players will still judge you..."

Hey guys I'm back, and I could say that I've finished my duties as a student and am able to spend more time with other activities, including contributing to this blog.

I couldn't say that I wasn't active but I somehow lost the motivation to write about particularly anything really, considering the recent VG mechanics nowadays are quite boring and straightforward to make a decent analysis (standing VG = omg new meta!?). I took a break from VG at some point and picked up Pokemon for a change of pace.

I've recently participated in a singles tournament in a local area after a long absence in the tournament scene and I managed to get 2nd place (yay Narukami). I guessed I was on form on that day. However I'm not in the mood to write up a tournament report as that's not the issue I wanted to address here at the moment.

As I made my way to the top 4, my opponent (couldn't recall his name... couldn't be bothered) decided that he wanted to relocate himself from the tournament area to the back of the shop to "table shuffle" his deck. I requested the judge to call him back to the tournament area. When he arrived the tournament area, he barely touched his deck and offered me to cut his deck. At this point, I was highly suspicious of him for attempting deck manipulation. I then proceed to performing a modified Faro shuffle (go Google it up if you're not sure what it is) to randomize the position of the cards he probably arranged but I was reprimanded from doing so.

Firstly, why the hell would you go out of my sight to "table shuffle". That will increase the likelihood of me suspecting you of stacking your deck. The next part where he barely touched his deck and offered me to cut just makes it even more suspicious. And why is everyone anal about faro shuffling? I'm not even ripple shuffling your deck. The opponent even requested the judge to DQ me for something minor as a shuffling method. I'm just implementing a shuffling method to maximize randomization of the position of the opponent's cards and even requested a final cut from the judge for both player's decks to ensure fair game. It was obvious that he was stacking his deck and he should be the one to get the warning.

Yes, a wall of white text on a black background might seem jarring to the eyes so I do apologize for the rant. (might actually do something about that to improve legibility). I just felt the need to get it out of my chest.

It doesn't matter that much now that i think about it, since I won the match anyway. It's just that it ticks me off to see scrubs like these attempting to get away with cheating to win.I'm never going to the card shop again.

Anyway, I'm back so do expect more frequent updates.


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