Thursday, July 11, 2013

BT-12「黒輪縛鎖」 Updates!

Welp. Needless to say, the top-played decks are now:

1. Revengers (Raging Folm Dragon)
3. Narukami (Vowing and friends)
3. Link Joker (Infinite Zero/Nebula-Lord)

The reasons I have put up these three are because in they're everywhere. The latter two are in the same ranking because I'm too lazy to think actually how many of each are there.

As thought since BT-12 closed-beta, RFD would bring Shadow Paladins back to the meta, due to the Double-TwinDrive ability. However, it does have its drawbacks (-4 to your total card pool), but the Double-TwinDrive would earn everything back into place.

Let's say for example both players are at 5 damage and you have a decent board:
Opponent's advantage =  negative [(1+2+2+1) + (1 for every critical trigger)]
Your advantage = positive [2+2-4]
Total net gain = +>6 (holy fucking shit that would be at least 6 cards even though you do not open triggers)

I'm not sure whether my calculations are correct or not, but most likely they are.

Critical Triggers are used here because they are vanilla at 5 damage, which means other triggers provide more advantage when both players are at 5 damage. When you are at 4 and opponent at 5, Heal Triggers also become vanilla. I do not think that I need an explanation as for why they become vanilla triggers.

When your deck has a +6 combo, I do not see a reason for it to not become meta. OF COURSE...THERE ARE OTHER REASONS WHY THE DECK IS TOP-TIER. One of them would be Dorin, overpowered-shit-that-bushiroad-forgot-to-balance-revenger. Too much synergy. Too strong. Normally I try not to let it stay around for 2 turns (note that I mentioned: try).

On theory, Blockade would stand a decent chance against Revengers. I said 'On theory'. Hasn't been proven yet. The intercept-lock would stop Dorin's 'overpowered-shit-that-bushiroad-forgot-to-balance' ability. Kind of. I have no idea. Haven't tried.

Narukami: AKA Vowing and Friends:
Banhammer should hit sometime soon. Being played as the majority in sooooo many previous tournaments and showing sooooo many results, I'm expecting Bushiroad to touch them sooner or later in the next restricted list.

Link Joker:
New mechanic, still researching on how to play around them.

Yawn. Going to sleep. Kthxbye.
Jack of No Trade ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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