Sunday, June 2, 2013

Card Analysis: Last Card Revonn

I've been running an Aqua Force build, revolving around Maelstrom, despite the recent BT11 Aqua Force update. I guess I was lazy to even test out the new cards till the boredom bug hit me. Thus, I decided to try out Revonn since it has a cool art(looks like a ninja dragon to me lol). The unit exceeded my expectations and my first impressions of it when i tried it out.

[AUTO](VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):[Counter Blast (1)] When this unit attacks a vanguard, if the number of «Aqua Force» you have as [Rest] in your front row is three, you may pay the cost. If you do, this unit gets [Power]+3000/[Critical]+1 until end of that battle.
[ACT](VC):[Counter Blast (1)] This unit gets [Power]+2000 until end of turn.
[CONT](VC/RC): Lord (If you have a unit that doesn't belong to the same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)

My first impression of this unit is that it is inferior to the current boss of the Aqua Force clan, Maelstrom. Not only did you have to commit to the CB cost before getting any result, Revonn's Limit Break does not net the Aqua Force player any form of card advantage as compared to Maelstrom. Thus, I wouldn't be surprised if many players would first think of Revonn the way I do. However, the thing that sets Revonn apart from Maelstrom is the +1 Critical and the requirement to activate the Limit Break.

The ability to gain +1 critical classifies Revonn as an anti-rush card. However, Revonn's skill requires 3 Aqua Force units on the front row. Thus, you will be attacking with your RG first when you want to activate Revonn's LB (lol YDS). However, this condition does not have to rely on specific units as you do not require a 4th attack to activate the Limit Break. Thus, Revonn grants you much more freedom when constructing your build.

The good thing about VGs with abilities that allows itself to get +1 critical is that you do not have to hit the VG with lots of attacks to actually bring them to a considerably high damage(4-5 damage). You can attack the opponent's RG with your RG and focus the center line of 2 critical to attack the vanguard. That way, you can balance the game by reducing the opponent's attacking presence while balancing the damage for both players. You might even reverse the situation if you triggered a heal in the process. With a wide selection of G2 and G3 units that can reach a power of at least 11k, getting big units as RGs is no difficult feat.

Now you might be thinking that since Revonn's skill requires the player to have a Front Row of rested units, they are restricted to running a Stand triggers in their trigger lineup. However, there is nothing wrong with running Critical Triggers in an Aqua Force build revolving around Revonn. As I previously state that it is an anti-rush mechanic, you can proceed with your RGs to attack their RGs and have the VG attack the VG. Only this time round, you have the possibility of dishing out 3 damage with a single attack since you're running Critical Triggers. You can even lock them at 3 damage, deplete their resources and pressure them from there if they know that you are running Critical Triggers. If a situation occurs whereby there are no rear guards to take out and your RG brings him to 4 damage, then there is no need to activate the Limit Break as the opponent would guard the VG attack anyway.

Trigger builds are secondary in a build focused on Revonn. However, you have to bear in mind other units that would benefit from the types of trigger you have chosen.

Along with the +1 critical,  Revonn also gets +3k, making it a 14k unit unboosted. A boost of at least 7k would suffice to make it to 21k. Some good targets would be Theo and Shortstop Brave Shooter. With it's ACT ability to get +2k by CB1, Revonn alone would be able to reach 16k, though it's not advisable to pull off such a stunt unless you really have no boosts for your VG. With Dorothea behind the VG, it can reach 24k, and 26k if you factor in the +2k. If you are sure that the opponent cannot block your attacks, judging from the cards he Drive Checked, you can give Revonn a sufficient power boost to reach 26k/28k and proceed to activating his LB to ensure his death. Even 6th damage heal won't be able to save the opponent.

Overall, I feel that Revonn is built as an anti-rush unit, allowing the Aqua Force player to bridge the gap between mid to late game with it's Limit Break. You can also transition between depleting your resources or pushing for game thanks to Revonn's LB. The flexibility of Revonn is what makes it appealing to Aqua Force players, at least to me. It is a great addition to the Aqua Force clan as it works with Benedict in a Critical-centric deck or Diamantes in a build focused on High-attackers and Stand triggers.

Along with Trans-core Dragon, Last Card Revonn is also a decent pick for a secondary VG in almost any Aqua Force deck, due to it's high base and it's Limit Break. I recommend adding Revonn to your G3 lineup if you are hesitant to run Break Rides.

I've been testing Revonn since I kinda got sick of the restrictions the Maelstrom builds run into and so far, I'm very satisfied with the build that I'm currently running at the moment. I'm not saying that Revonn is superior to Maelstrom in any way. Both units have their up's and downs and it's a matter of the player's perspective. To all Aqua Force players currently playing in the Japanese format, I'd suggest you to consider running Revonn in your deck, or even consider it as a tech.

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