Monday, May 27, 2013

Tourney report: SG cardmart - Team Tournament

Date: 25 May 2013
Venue: SG Cardmart
Entry fee: $18 per team[$6 per person]
Participants: 15+ teams
Doorgifts: none :(

It was the first time that I went to SG Cardmart, and the place was kinda cool. It has a wide playing space and the top prize was 3 boxes of BT11.

Decks used:
Andrew: Oracle Think Tank [Koko/CEO/MeteorBreak]
Clarence: Kagero [Blockade/Dauntless/Inferno]
Anwa: Narukami [Buster/Spark Horn/Descendent]

Tourney details under the cut
1st round: vs Team Dissension
Andrew vs Tristan [Narukami (Buster/Vowing/Descendent)] XOO
Clarence vs Sebas [Kagero(DOTE)] OO
Anwa vs Eugine [Royal Paladin (Ashley/Salome)] XOO

It's a shame that we have to face a friend team right off the bat. Anyway, luck wasn't on their side during this round , with grade-locks in several games. Andrew's Silent Toms brought him to victory during this round.

2nd Round:
Andrew vs Narukami (Shaper/SweepCommand/Descendent) XOO
Clarence vs Oracle Think Tank (CEO/GOTS) OO
Anwa vs Kagero (DOTE) XX

3rd round: vs Team BIT13
Andrew vs Davey [Kagero(Dauntless/DOTE)] OXO
Clarence vs YeeShean [Narukami(Vowing/Buster/Descendent)] OXX
Anwa vs Glen [Kagero(DOTE)] XOO

Our teams have to meet eventually since it's a Swiss format. A funny thing about my match against Glen was that he won the first round, in which he was grade-locked, but lost the 3rd match in which he only changed 1 card in his hand during the mulligan step. DOTE's persona blast brought back the momentum he needed in the first round. YeeShean was the only one who managed to beat Clarence in the tournament :O

4th Round:
Andrew vs Kagero (Flarewhip/Dauntless) XX
Clarence vs AngelFeather (Ramiel/Zerachiel) XOO
Anwa vs Narukami (Gauntlet/Vowing/Descendent) OXX

Proceeded to top 8

5th round:
Andrew vs Eradicator (Buster/Vowing/Descendent) XOO
Clarence vs Royal Paladin (Ashley/Palo) OO
Anwa vs Gold Paladin (Bleoberis/Alfred) XOX

From here, the top 4 teams decided to share the prize and each team gets 2 boxes of BT11. Team BIT13 and Team Dissension managed to get a place in the top 4 as well. So it was a good day.


Win-Loss record:
23W - 17L

I was the burden of the team this time round OTL. However, Clarence did exceptionally well during the tournament, getting the minimum losses among us in the tournament. Dauntless->Inferno so strong :O

The most memorable match for me on that day was the Quarter finals(5th round) against John and his Gold Paladins. In the third match, when he rides Alfred over Bleoberis, he managed to superior call Gallatin and Yoseph, allowing him to draw an extra card. From there, he used Alfred's skill to superior call yet another Yoseph to draw another card. Seeing as Alfred has a sky-high attack on that turn and I have no Sentinels, I have no choice but to not guard and bet that he did not check any critical triggers (I was at 4 damage btw). Still, he managed to drive checked 2 critical triggers and won the match. he filtered through 5 cards to get that double crit D: . Overall, we had a good match.



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