Monday, May 20, 2013

Tourney Report: Rowell Home Entertainment - Team Tournament

I wanted to post this on the night after the tournament but I ran into some "technical" difficulties. Anyway, here's the report

Date: 18 May 2013
Venue: Rowell Home Entertainment
Entry fee: $30 per team[$10 per person]
Doorgifts: 1 PR09 pack + 1 playmat

The door gifts are very attractive so we decided to participate. And top 3 gets 3 boxes of BT12 per team. There were a total of about 50+ teams who participated in the tourney. Each player in the team gets to pick a mat from a pile of random mats. There were several designs, ranging from Naruto to K-ON designs. I picked the mat shown below:


Anyway, these are the decks we used:
Tristan: Narukami [Gauntlet/Vowing/Descendent]
Anwa: Narukami [Gauntlet/Spark Horn/Descendent]
Clarence: Kagero [Blockade/Dauntless/Inferno]

1st round:
Tristan vs Gold Paladin [Liberator] - O
Anwa vs Megacolony [Giraffa/Master Beetle] - O
Clarence vs Gold Paladin [Liberator] - O

2nd round:
Tristan vs Nova Grappler [Beast Deity] - O
Anwa vs Angel Feather [Shamshiel/Ramiel] - O
Clarence vs Kagero [DOTE] - O

3rd round:
Tristan vs Kagero [DOTE] - O
Anwa vs Kagero [DOTE] - O (This match was sacky as hell)
Clarence vs Narukami [Eradicator] - O

4th round:
Tristan vs Gold Paladin [Liberator] - OXX
Anwa vs Gold Paladin [PlatEzel] - OO-
Clarence vs Narukami [Eradicator] -XOX

Win-Loss record:

Even though the weather was hot, it wasn't that bad of a day since our team was a step closer to getting the prizes. The event was a great one, having been able to meet some cardfighters from other areas such as Ahsoo and Jurong. I even managed to snag a few good deals as well.

Meta Check:
Tons of Eradicators. The Sweep Command builds are popping out everywhere as well. Dragonic overlord - the END builds are popping out everywhere as well, especially from veteran players. Other than that, several players are using Liberators and Celestials. I did not managed to get usage statistics of what clan the players used.


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