Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Deck profile: Eternal PRISM

Hey Hi!

I apologise for the recent lack of posts over the past few months. I was planning to go back to posting on February since my Major Project ended at around that time but laziness and demotivation got the better of me .

(apparently grinding to lv9999 in Disgaea 2 wasn't as easy as i thought it would be OTL)

Anyway ,I'm back and will be posting more material in the days to come.

I'll start with a deck profile featuring some cards from the new Extra Booster:Dazzling Divas.

Labrador is the main VG of the deck. Her Limit Break is good at any point of the game (+1 Crit for early game/+10000 for late game). You can even go Alfred-style and prioritise placing boosts to RG lanes.

Eternal Idol, Pacifica is great. Getting an extra attack, superior calling another unit and possibly setting up a 21k column is an appealing offensive pattern especially in mid-late game.

Here's an example on how Pacifica works in the deck:

1) Rose attacks unboosted (11k)
2) Liguria boosted by Clear attacks (17k)
3) Pacifica,boosted by Sedna, attacks VG(19k). LB activates: returning Rose(in-rest) and Clear(in-rest) to hand. Superior call a unit with at least 10k power place it on the RG circle in the same column as the Clear in stand.
4) Clear's effect activates: SB1 to give +4000 to the unit that was superior called from deck
Cost: LB4(CB3/SB1)
Result: +1 attack, +5k guard(by returning boost), 21k column

After that, it's just a matter of filling in G2 slots with units that complement both VGs, which are relatively high beaters under both circumstances. Rose and Liguria fit the criteria. Filled the remaining slots with Celtic as her effect triggers with the bounce mechanic.

I chose Mercure and Clear in my G1 slots as they are PRISM units. Mercure gives me more attacking options by having access to relatively high attackers mid-game (10k-11k). Clear synergises well with the 2 Main VGs of the deck as it allows me to construct 21k columns. The rest of the G1 slots are reserved for nulls and Sedna. Sedna's there just to fill the G1 space. Might have to replace her for another unit.

Koro as starter so that i can reorganise columns with Labrador and make RG slots for Labrador's LB.

Possible changes:
- make room for Leyte for possible late game 21k RG columns
- reduce number of Rose. Too many 8k base attacking units aren't good for health lol
- go back to standard 8-11-14 Grade distribution
- might add in a wider variety of triggers
-might go with 12 crits

Personal thoughts about Extra Booster: Dazzling Divas:

The PRISM archtype introduced in the booster is strong based on the fact that the PRISM Legion consists of a relatively high number of attacker that can go unboosted so that you can seize early game, whether it is Rush or Control based on a player's personal preference. Labrador is a decent card with a Limit Break that gives you the edge at any point of the game. Celtic and Clear are also great additions to the Bermuda Triangle clan as they can now adopt a more aggressive playstyles with 21k columns.

The clan's Break Ride is also introduced in the booster. Although this gives players more options on what to run, I personally am not fond of Vert at all , or Break Rides in general.

Eternal Idol, Pacifica is a great addition for players who prefer to run older versions of Bermuda Triangle decks. At first glance, her cost is a little steep for a Limit Break .However, judging from how splashable she is in various Bermuda Triangle builds, not to mention the synergy that comes with the bouncing mechanic, I wouldn't even complain. When in doubt, just add in Eternal Idol Pacifica.

With the introduction of 2 more sets of triggers, there's a wider option of trigger lineups for the decks available(eg. 12 critical triggers in Riverie build)


Anyway, that's my take on my Bermuda Triangle build. Feel free to try it out and make any changes to your liking.



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