Wednesday, April 25, 2012

EB03 stuff: Vortimer ride and SDD

Hi, Snake here and today I'll be talking about the Vortimer ride and Spectral Duke Dragon, the Gold Paladin cards that Ren will probably use in the second season of CFV.

The Vortimer ride is somewhat similar to the Riverie ride, in the case that once you missed one of the pieces, you won't be able to enjoy the advantage that the ride chain could have provided. But once you managed to get hold of all the pieces, this GP build can be rather intimidating, especially in the early game.

The G0 counterpart of this ride has the same effect as the starter in the Riverie ride chain. When you ride it with the Grade 1 Vortimer you can check up to the top 7 cards of your Deck for either "Spectral Duke Dragon" or the Grade 2 Vortimer and add it to your hand. When you ride this card with any other <<Gold Paladin>>, you can call this card to a Rearguard Circle. So in short, it is a free ride most of the time.

Similar to the Grade 2 and 3 counterparts of the Riverie chain, the Vortimer ride chain also provides advantage to the player in the form of a +1 upon riding. When riding the Grade 2 Vortimer, as long as you have the Grade 1 and Grade 0 counterpart in the soul, you can retire a Gold Paladin unit and look at the top 2 cards of your deck. From there, you can select up to 2 Gold Paladin units (regardless of Grade) and call them to separate rear guard circles. 

The good thing about this as compared to just "draw 1 card" from the Riverie chain is that you can call units that are above your current grade so that you can push for damage for the turn. I did some test draws with proxies and I had moments of superior calling G3s. In the event that you checked an attacking unit and a trigger, you can choose to call the trigger so that it can serve as a boost for the turn and later ditched as cost for Spectral Duke's effect to call 2 RG or as cost for his effect. In conclusion, the ride chain is very intimidating early game.

Of course , the drawback of this ride is that you need to place units on the field a turn before the ride effect kicks in. If you are left with no units on the next turn, then the ride effect from the G2/G3 will not be able to activate. So be wary when playing in matchups like Kagero/Narukami/DarkIrregulars.
Spectral Duke Dragon
Grade 3/Gold Paladin - Abyss Dragon/10000 Power/No Shield
Auto (V) LB4: [CB2 ; Target 3 of your <<Gold Paladin>> Rearguards and retire them) When the Close Step involving this card attacking the Vanguard begins, you can pay the cost. If you do, Stand this card, and during this turn, this card loses Twin Drive.
Continuous (V): If "Knight of the Dark Dragon, Vortimer" is in your Soul, this Unit gains 1000 Power.

Ren's new ace card for the season. It's skill has some similarities as Phantom Blaster Dragon. The difference is the timing in which the effect is activated. PBD has an [Activate] skill, meaning loss in advantage can be replenished with cards like Badh Cath and Nemain. However in SDD's case, his effect activates in the Battle Step, meaning you will be left with an empty field most of the time when using the effect. This means stuff like Raopia and Dual Axe ArchDragon(two cards that will be seeing more play once EB03 is released) can screw this unit. However, there are some merits of this ability. 

Firstly, PBD's attack ,with it's skill activated, requires the opponent to guard for 25000 (in most cases) for two triggers to pass or the opponent could just used a null. As for SDD, the opponent will need to guard for 15000 (in most cases) to guard for 2 triggers and another 10000 to make sure that extra attack doesn't pass. The difference is that SDD screws null guards and poses a lot of pressure in the late game. Another difference is that you will have 3 drive checks instead of 2(PBD), allowing the player to guard for the next turn and of course, getting more chances to trigger.

Scenario 1:
When the opponent is at 4 damage and you have attacked his intercept with a boosted RG attack. If the opponent decided to guard for 2 triggers (usually 15000) and you drive checked a Critical trigger in the first check. You can place it to the vanguard and if you get another trigger, you will win the game. If you do not, then you can use SDD's effect to attack again with a confirmed critical. The opponent will have to guard with another 15000 to make sure that attack doesn't pass. That is 30000 guard from the opponent as opposed to the usual 25000 guard for guarding PBD.

Scenario 2:
Another scenario is when the opponent uses a null on the VG on the first attack. Let's say you got a critical on the first check and decided to put all effects to VG. If you get another critical, you can add all effects to the RG and activate SDD's effect. In this case, the opponent has to worry about 2 more attacks that would deal 2 damage this turn.

When you use SDD's effect, you will net 0 card advantage on that turn:
[-3(cost)+2(twin drive)+1(extra drive)=0]
Thus, the best time to use his effect is on the turn the opponent cannot take a single attack (a.k.a 5th damage) to force out as many cards form his hand

In conclusion,  Vortimer ride is strong  and SDD is strong when used at the correct time. It seems EB03's gonna make a hole in my wallet :/


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BT06 stuff - Angel Feather: Hand Management

Hi guys, PsychoSnake here and today, I'll be talking about the Angel feather cards that were revealed in todays Card of the Day and one of the key cards of the Angel feathers clan, Circular Saw Kiriel.

The Nociel cards of the Angel Feather clan introduces the ability to swap cards between your hand and the damage zone.This ability is good in a way that the player can increase the amount of guard in their hand,get better units to suit the situation or even grabbing nullifiers late game. Players can also reuse and abuse the Nociel pieces which are already in the damage zone for an unflipping frenzy and a drastic restructuring of their hand.

Happy Bell, Nociel is the Grade 0 of the Nociel set. Its ability is:

Continuous 【R】: If you have an <Angel Feather> vanguard, this unit has the following ability, "Activate [R]: [Move this unit to Soul, choose an <Angel Feather> from your hand, send it to your Damage Zone] Choose a card from your Damage Zone and add it to your hand."

The effects of the Nociel cards to take cards from the damage zone does not limit the player from taking  cards that are already face-down. This means the player can abuse counterblast units like Core memory Armaros (the Maiden of Libra of the Clan) to net the player more cards as the game progresses.

In terms of card advantage, the usefulness of this card is questionable as you're going to lose 1 card by using the effect. However, combined with Circular Saw Kiriel, the loss in card advantage, and the counterblast used for Kiriel, can be nullified.Of course, disposable rear guards like this can help the player dish more pressure early game without having to worry about their better rear guards being retired later.

Battle Cupid, Nociel , is the Grade 1 unit from the Nociel set. It's ability is: 

AUTO: [Choose a <Angel Feather> from your hand, send it to your Damage Zone] When this unit is placed on (GC), if you have an <Angel Feather> vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose a card from your Damage Zone, and add it to your hand.

Though having a small base power of 6000, this unit is excellent in late game. As compared to the other Nociel cards, which allows the player to swap cards during their turn, this unit allows the player to swap cards during the opponent's turn. This means filtering your hand of the cards you've drive checked in the previous turn. In the situation that you drive checked a Grade 3 in the previous turn, you can use Nociel to guard while swapping the Grade 3 with a card of higher guard in the damage zone. You can even grab nullifiers in the damage zone to protect yourself from high-powered attacks (looks at PBO and his Persona Blast). In mid-game, you can swap a unit that is not useful in your hand (eg. draw triggers) to swap for units that can be used for attacking/boosting and thus, setting up for an offensive push during your next turn.

Love Machine Gun, Nociel, is the Grade 2 of the Nociel set. It's ability is:

AUTO: [Choose a <Angel Feather> from your hand, send it to your Damage Zone] When this unit is placed on (RC), if you have an <Angel Feather> vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose a card from your Damage Zone, and add it to your hand.

While Battle Cupid, Nociel is more of a defensive option,  Love Machine Gun , Nociel is the offensive option for the player. The player can swap useless units in hand for better units to be played on that turn as attackers or boosts on the same turn. The player can even grab a copy of itself in the damage zone so that the player can reuse Nociel in their next turn. Battle Cupid, Nociel works well with Circular Saw Kiriel, netting yourself an extra unit for 1 CB while swapping cards in hand.

Circular Saw Kiriel, is the main Grade 3 of the clan and it's effect is:

AUTO [(VC)] [Limit Break 4] (Active when you have 4 or more damage): When this unit attacks a vanguard, it gets [Power] +5000 until end of that battle.
AUTO: [Counter-Blast 1] When this unit is placed on (VC), you may pay the cost. If you do, choose a face-up <Angel Feather> from your Damage Zone, call it to (RC), send the top one card of your deck to your damage zone face-down.

Possessing the Limit Break ability, she will find herself a slot in almost every Angel feather deck(in addition to her amazing art). The usefulness of her counterblast ability varies, depending on the cards in your damage zone. However, it works well with cards like Happy Bell, Nociel and  Love Machine Gun , Nociel, making the effect of Kiriel less costly, in terms of counterblast.

So far, Angel Feather looks promising as it is a clan which requires a considerable amount of skill to handle. The player has to know the cards he/she needs to flip for their counterblasts to take into consideration the card swapping effects of the AF cards and heal triggers. All that is left is for the clan to have a CounterBlast ability that can be activated during the main phase (either that or I am forced to put Lady Bombs lol) to fully abuse the Nociel cards. Whether I am going to make this clan depends on the other Angel feather cards and more importantly, the trigger lineup *crosses fingers for 2nd crit*


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Meta-shift and thoughts on Narukami

With the amount of BT06 and upcoming TDs coming in late april, the only clan which will have a great impact on the current meta is Gold Paladins. The deck is not reliant on the Burning Lion to function well.

Against 10/11k VG:
CB2: Search ChargeGal, 26k rape
CB2: Slaygal-Dagger(+4000) boosting any 10k rear guard = 21k
CB1: Sagremor (+3000) boosted by Gallus =21k
*have not included Flame of Victory and heal triggers*

Against 13k VG:
CB2: Search Gallus, boost VG = 23k
CB3: Slaygal-Dagger(+6k) boosting any 10k rear guard
and have another line of 18k

*have not included Flame of Victory and heal triggers*

*Of course, do this only when you know that the opponent is going to guard against every one of your attacks.*

Great Silver Wolf ,Garmall, y u so OP

The only way Narukami is gonna shine now is to play the retire build, focusing on the effects of ThunderBreak Dragon and Dragonic DeathScythe, along with their own "Bellicosity Dragon".

I'll probably play Narukami with a Galahad/Tsuku evolution ride for now since their starter is shit compared to Conroe and Cliff. All Naru needs is their own Conroe >.<