Sunday, December 9, 2012

Deck Profile: Maelstrom Beat

Just thought I would like to share my current Aqua Force build which I have been comfortable with with the release of BT09. The deck becomes much more ... pink after BT09

Deck Profile: Maelstrom Beat

2 Blue Storm Supreme Dragon, Glory Maelstrom
4 Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom
4 Storm Rider Diamantes

4 Tear Knight Lazarus
4 Coral Assault
2 Storm Rider Basil

4 Tear Knight Theo
4 Storm Rider Nicholas
4 Emerald Shield Paschal
1 Deck Sweeper

8 Stand 4 Draw 4 Heal
SV: Officer Cadet, Erikk

With the introduction of another set of Storm Riders, Maelstrom becomes much more consistent in achieving the 4th attack requirement.

The only changes that I've made from my previous build is:
- 2 Benedict
- 4 Tear Knight Cyprus
-1 Battle Siren Dorothea

+2 Blue Storm Supreme Dragon, Glory Maelstrom
+4 Storm Rider Nicholas
+1 Deck Sweeper

Nicholas is an amazing addition to the G1 lineup. Having dual roles of making 18k columns with 11k units and being a Storm Rider itself is nice to have. The only downside is the counterblast requirement, which isn't really a problem for a build that isn't counterblast-heavy.

I feel that G.Maelstrom is somewhat redundant in this build. I do not crossride in most games as I would lose that pressure from Maelstrom's Limit Break. However, I do crossride when I'm at an overwhelming advantage and when the opponent cannot take a hit from Maelstrom's Limit Break (a.k.a 5 damage). Kinda like a final turn ride card. Other than that, most of the time, he's just another one of my trusty 11k beaters.

Maelstrom has already proven his prowess even when 13k Vanguards are running rampant.

Further changes I might make:
-2 Storm Rider Basil
+2 Tactical Veteran Commander (for the early Maelstrom pressure)


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