Friday, September 21, 2012

Demon Dragon Battle Ogre, Vasuki

Grade 3 /  Twin Drive!! / 10000 / ★1
[AUTO](RC): When a Grade 3 «Narukami» Appears in your (VC), this unit gets Power +10000 during this turn.

For the upcoming PR07, Narukami gets an interesting promo that could potentially make Dungaree more playable than it is now. It gets a whopping +10000 when a Narukami unit appears in the Vanguard circle. That's a lot of power, and it serves as dishing free damage during mid-game and a potential killer in end-game. Now there are more reasons to ride Dungaree/ThunderBreak Dragon over an existing Grade 3.

In terms of card comparison, Vasuki reminds me of Dragonic Waterfowl, but with a more difficult condition. Vasuki is required to be on the field at least for 1 turn before you can pull off the +10000.Even if the opponent knows that you have a Dungaree or ThunderBreak dragon in the hand, Vasuki immediately becomes a lightning rod for attacks and effects that retire units(blaster blade etc) if the opponent wants to stop you from pulling off that +10000(yes, guarding extra 10k is painful o3o). That's okay considering you probably saved 1-2 cards from not guarding Vasuki and those extra cards would extend your survivability while giving you more options during your following turn. From there, you can just call that extra Dungaree/ThunderBreak Dragon from hand in the RC that was previously occupied by Vasuki.

Of course, the downside is that it does not take up the role of the VG that well, so I don't expect players to run 4 of this in a Narukami deck. If I were to include Vasuki in a Narukami deck, I would probably construct something like this:

4 Rumble Gun Dragon
3 Thunder Break Dragon
3 Demon Dragon Battle Ogre, Vasuki

4 Thunder Storm Dragoon
3 Dragonic Deathscythe
2 Desert Gunner Shiden

4 Red River Dragoon
4 Wyvern Guard Guld
4 Dragon dancer Rai-Rai
2 Photon Bomber Wyvern

8 Stand 4 Draw 4 Heal
SV: Spark Kid Dragoon

I chose stands because getting a Stand trigger on a 20000-power Vasuki looks awesome! As for the list, I'll probably play around with the number of Rumble Gun Dragons and Thunder Break Dragons, or probably cut down the number of Vasuki's to max Thunder Break after some testing. As for power lines, if I can't reach 18k, I'll settle for 16k. Thus, maxing out the Rai-Rai.


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