Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dallas Qualifiers - 8 Draw SDD

Here's the link to the decklist for reference

Tested the deck on BYOND and the only thing I can say about Thomas Cassidy's deck is that ...

It is really fun to use!

Since he's running 8 draw triggers,which is surprisingly bold, it's quite easy to commit to the field .The player would not hesitate in calling draw triggers to the field for that extra early game push, which then becomes SDD fodder.

Providence strategist works surprising well in a deck of this nature,since the conditions of full rear guard can be met quite easily. Even in the later stages of the game, it still pressurises the opponent to guard its attack, plus having to worry about SDD's Limit Break.

With the ride chain as a bonus, it's a cool rush deck that makes up for it's lack of defense with early game pressure. Not bad.

It might work with 8-draw Amon?


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