Monday, August 27, 2012

BT08 stuff: Narukami updates!

Divine Seal Dragon, Dungaree
First off, Dungaree suffers a power penalty of -2000 when there are no units in the Bind Zone that are binded by it's skill. Since Dungaree's skill ,to Bind the top 2 cards of your deck, only applies when it appears in the VG circle, Dungaree will only be a 9000 power unit when it appears in the RG circle. Pretty sub-par to me.

Next, Dungaree has the ability to retire a Front Row unit at the cost of  LB4:CB1 ,sending a card binded by its effect to the bottom of the deck and it can only be used once per turn. However, Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion(DKV) does a better job.

And Dungaree + Dragonic Deathscythe = DKV.

Many players have considered using the effect multiple times, riding Dungaree and efficiently retiring a front row unit every turn. However, I don't see the point in that as you can only activate the ability when you reach 4 damage, a stage of the game whereby you have to properly balance card commitment in areas of both attacking and defending. The Dungaree used for the ride could have been used as an attacker. Using this effect twice is equivalent to using Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion's skill, though saving 1 CB. I'd rather use 1 more counterblast than to lose 1 more card to achieve the same result.

Personally, I feel that it will be difficult to make a deck centered around Dungaree for now, since there are stronger options like DKV, (TBD) and Rumble Gun Dragon. Can possibly be teched in just like how TBD is being teched in several Narukami Decks.

 Seal Knight of Demonic Lance, Thunder Fang
A Genocide Jack for the clan. One of the better cards in this expansion. Having the ability to go to 12000, this card can reach 20000 easily. With cards such as Djinn of the Lightning Flash and Breakthrough Dragon, making 20000 power columns are made easier now, with access to a 3rd 12000 attacker.

Seal Knight of Demonic Blade, Flash
Though the card designers adopt an interesting concept this time round, 4000 is just too small for a boost. Not worth running. They might as well make a 12000 power Grade 2, with a -6000 penalty at RG and gets +2000 when attacking.

That's about it on my thoughts on the expansion. The new starter is shit for now, Djinn does a better job than Kali. The Bunta clones are self-explanatory. Frankly speaking, I'm a little disappointed but I may be quick to judge. The only thing I can complement about the update is that they did not divide the clan like what they did to Kagero (BFD->Amber Dragons->DOTE) I'll probably do some testing of the cards probably when it's available on byond or irl proxy.

I am a little curious as to how Bushiroad is gonna make all these cards look OP in the anime ...


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