Sunday, July 15, 2012

White Hare Shenanigans

Damage: 3
X/Pellinore/Draw trigger
X/Messenger/Draw trigger

1) Call Master of Pain, CB1(flips a Draw trigger) to add top card of deck to Damage Zone.
2) Calls boost for Master of Pain
3) Boosted Draw Trigger attacks VG (10000)
4) Pellinore attacks, LB activates, sends the 2 draw triggers back to the bottom of the deck, Master of Pain and it's boost gets +5000 each
End Phase:
Select the Draw trigger in damage zone that you've flipped back to the deck and SHUFFLE
Result: Sends 3 triggers back to deck, have a boosted attack +10000

this happened when I was testing a 8-Draw Pellinore deck o3o

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Sam(동 순) said...

Hey snake mind if u give me ur pelliniore Decklist ?

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