Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Post-BT08 Great Nature combo

Loop the Loop Duckbill
Grade 1/7000/Great Nature/HighBeast
Auto: When this Unit is called to the Vanguard Circle or Rearguard Circle, and you have a <Great Nature> Vanguard, choose up to 1 to your <Great Nature> rear-guards, for that turn, the chosen units get "AUTO: During the end phase, if this card is placed on the drop zone, draw a card.".

Binoculars Tiger/LeoPald/G2 or G3 attacker
Boost/empty/G1 Hamsuke

1) Call DuckBill, Hamsuke gains "Draw Skill"
2) Binoculars tiger attacks VG, Duckbill gets +4000
3) LeoPald(21000) Attacks VG, Hamsuke gets +4000


End Phase:
1) Retire Duckbill
2) LeoPald's Limit Break activate, CB1 to return Duckbill
3) DuckBill's effect activates, Hamsuke gains another "Draw Skill"
4) Retire Hamsuke, CB1 to fetch another Hamsuke from deck. Shuffle deck
5) Draw 2 cards from Duckbill's skill

End result: CB2 to get +3. Reminds you of Koko/Lulu?

Too bad the combo doesn't work because retiring the rear guards occurs at the beginning of End Phase and Limit Break of LeoPald occurs during End phase, which is after that. This means you cannot bring back Duckbill to give a second "Draw Skill" to the already retired Hamsuke.


I've asked around and the combo is legit. Some are already trying with the Tic-Toc Flamingo for free Limit Break and Hamsuke skill.

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Kei said...

it's not legit. Tic-Toc Flamingo and Duckbill can only give effect during main phase. you cannot call them back during end phase to give effects to others

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