Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Great Nature: Stacking Steroid Boosts

Hi, Snake here and I'll be talking about the Great Nature clan that will be completed with the BT07 expansion, especially about the 3 cards shown above.

The 3 cards above are the only cards that catches my eye for now. I mean, who can say no to cost-effective power boosts? Their effect is:

"AUTO【V/R】: When this unit attacks a vanguard, choose one of your other 《Great Nature》 rear-guards, until end of turn, that unit may get Power +4000, if it does get Power +4000, at the start of the end phase of that turn, retire that unit. "

"I'll be using the term "steroid boost" in short to describe this effect in the next few lines"

The thing about the steroid boost is that it can be used multiple times on the same unit, gaining multiple boosts while paying the side-effect of retiring itself once.

So a scenario would be something like this:

Your Turn 3:
CB2:Flask Marmoset +4000 (power:9000)
Binoculars/Monoculars Tiger attacks VG, Marmoset gets +4000(Power:13000)
Leo-Pald attacks, Marmoset gets +4000(Power:17000)
Marmoset attacks (boosted by 8000) = 25000 with no trigger boost

I chose Flask Marmoset as an example because it is a rearguard that you would want to get rid of to make way for more powerful units. By your turn 3, with the right setup you can most likely force in 2 damage using VG and the steroid-boosted RG every turn, until the opponent reaches a point where they have to guard to survive. And I haven't taken critical triggers into account.

When entering late game(both you and the opponent are at 4-5 damage), Leo-Pald's Limit Break kicks in and allows you to save your units at the cost of CB1. With the right setup of Tiger and LeoPald, it's effect becomes (CB1: Select a <Great Nature> rearguard and it gets power+8000). Quite cost effective if you ask me. (Bors cries in a corner)

Since you'll be using a R-V-R attacking strategy, stand triggers can fit into this deck to stand your Binoculars/Monoculars Tiger, giving your steroid-boosted RG an additional +4000 (total of +12000) and the trigger boost to Tiger.

Alternatively, if you chose not to run stand triggers , you can still go for a V-R-R attacking style which will be highly effective when the opponent is at 5 damage:

- LeoPald attacks, giving Magnet Crocodile(boosted by 8000 = 20000) +4000(now:24000)
At this point, if you get a trigger, you can pass the trigger boost to the other rear guard that doesn't have a steroid boost

- Binoculars Tiger gets +5000(boosted by 7000 = 21000)
From here on, the opponent has to use at least 2 cards (assuming the opponent is an 11k VG) for each RG attack. Even if you don't get a trigger boost, Croc still gains +4000

- Binoculars Tiger attacks, Magnet Croc gets +4000(now 28000)
Opponent will have to nullify Crocodile's attack, use two 10k guards or lose a hell lot of cards to guard. End of turn, CB1 to bring back your crocodile.

Unless you run Hamsukes, this style is not that heavy on counterblast. Thus,  you can make room for cards like Lamp Camel(Libra clone). You don't have to activate it's draw ability but the opponent doesn't know that, making it a troll card for pressure. Another card that can be added is Scientist Monkey Rue, who has a similar effect as Flask Marmoset, just that it a CIP(Call-In-Play) effect. Probably used at late game to add more steroids from the setup above.

Have fun with Great Nature!


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