Sunday, July 22, 2012

Extended Duckbill Combo

Now that we know that Leopard's Limit Break is able to be used multiple times during the End Phase, it has become one of the coolest VG cards to be created, being able to abuse cards like Tic-Toc Flamingo and Loop the Loop Duckbill.

Now, let's shift our attention to another Great nature card from BT08:

Compass Lion
Grade 2 / Intercept/11000/Great Nature/High Beast
[Auto](V/R): During the end phase of the turn when this unit attacked, retire one of your <Great Nature> rear-guards. (Unconfirmed)

Compass Lion isn't able to stack it's retire drawback like Binoculars Tiger. However, with the help of Leopard's Limit Break, the synergy between these cards abuses Call-in-Play abilities like Loop the loop, Duckbill.

Compass Lion/Leopard/ Compass Lion

a) >3 damage(best if it's 5 damage)
b) Loop the Loop DuckBill in hand

Main Phase:
Call Duckbill to empty RC, target [Unit] gains Draw Skill (1)

Battle Phase:
Leopard attacks VG, Duckbill +4000

End Phase:
1) Leopard skill, retires Duckbill
2) Leopard LB, revives Duckbill (CB used: 1)
3) Duckbill CIP skill, target [Unit] gains Draw Skill (2)
4) Compass Lion skill retires Duckbill
5) Leopard LB, revives Duckbill (CB used: 2)
6) Duckbill CIP skill, target [Unit] gains Draw Skill (3)
7) Compass Lion skill retires [Unit]
8) Draw 3 cards

1 Unit +4000, CB2: Draw 3

The important part of this combo to note is that you get 5 new cards (inclusive of twin Drive), allowing you to have a more defensive edge than the opponent at the later stages of the game. If you include Hamsuke in the mix, that is 6 new cards in hand to tank the next wave of attacks.

Of course, if you triggered a heal trigger when you're at 4 damage, you cannot activate the Limit Break ability of Leopard, which will totally suck. Unless you're sure that you will not trigger a heal, best to execute at 5 damage.


As of now, the ruling between Compass Lion and Leopard's End Phase activation is not confirmed and thus, I placed Leopard's skill as priority. However, if Compass Lion's retire skill is able to activate before Leopard's this can be done:

Battle Phase: Leopard attacks VG, Unit +4000
End Phase: Compass Lion retires Unit

It's like cancelling Leopard's drawback using Compass Lion's. If it can override Leopard's timing, Binoculus Tiger can be added to the combo and the overall loop engine is much more flexible.


Keith said...

Loop the loop Duckbill CIP skill only activates during your "Main Phase". So your strategy won't work.

PsychoSnake said...

i know, kinda disappointed about it though

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