Thursday, July 26, 2012

BT08 stuff: Dimension Police!

Here's a link to the new Dimension Police cards that will be appearing in BT08 for reference.

"Dimensional Robo" Deck

Well, DP players can push aside their Enigman Storm and make way for an even more consistent 11k unit. Ultimate dimensional Robo Great Daiyusha, Great Daiyusha in short, is the first unit to get both a Limit Break as well as being a cross ride unit for Super Dimensional Robo Daiyusha. Probably too much to squeeze into a single card, don't you think? It becomes a 13k VG like DOTE while you have Daiyusha in soul and becomes a 15k attacker, like other standard  LBers, when you activate it's Limit Break (3 or more Dimension Robo in soul).

The good thing about him is that you have alternate ways to achieve a 13k attacker status. Players can go the normal route of cross-riding, making him a 13k on both turns, or use Goyusha's superior ride to meet the LB conditions to make him a 13k attacker. If you're lucky, you can ride "Dimension Robo" units all the way up to the Great Daiyusha to meet both cross-ride and LB conditions.

Other support the "Dimension Robo" deck offers would be Goyusha a +1 starter that allows the player to superior ride by sending 4  "Dimension Robo" units on the field to soul. Excluding Goyusha, that makes 3 additional cards to be sent to soul. Although the cost is high, it helps if you do not have a Grade 3 in hand.

A cool thing to do is superior ride to Daiyusha, while soulcharging 2 Daimarina/Daibattles in the process. From here, send the 2 unit s from soul to the drop zone to give Daiyusha +6000, enough to trigger it's +1 critical. If you start first, swinging 16k with a +1 critical in a deck running  8 crits is dangerous. Imagine getting a double crit with this skill xD

The rest of the support includes a second Critical trigger (yes!) a Burning Horn clone, and a much more cost-effective Cosmobeak, though it is restricted to "Dimension Robo" units only. The support is enough to push this deck to a high tier.

Enigman Cyclone!

Enigman Cyclone
G3 / POWER: 10000 / GUARD: 0
[Auto](V): At the start of your battle phase if this unit has POWER 14000 this unit gets <[Auto](V): If this unit's attack hits a VG, select up to 1 of your opponent's RG, retire it> until end of turn.

A downsized version of Amber Dragon Eclipse, but it is certainly interesting.With CosmoBeak's help and the appropriate boost for Cyclone, the opponent has 2 options:

1) To guard with 20k for 2 triggers to pass/Null it
2) To take the hit and lose the rear guard

Normally most players would take option 1, but they will be losing 2 cards. CB2 to force the opponent to drop 2 cards sounds much better than CB2 to retire 1 unit. So if you have enough units for the next turn, I suggest taking option 2, to save hand and take it as a Berserk Dragon/Blaster Blade effect.

but what if we add Commander Laurel into the mix? It'll be:

1) To guard with 20k for 2 triggers to pass/Null it
2) To take the hit, lose a unit and see the opponent get 2 more drive checks.

The synergy with Laurel is good. However, it works if you have Cyclone as VG ,the need for the power boost and meeting Laurel's conditions. Doesn't sound appealing anymore lol. I'll still give it a try as a Rogue deck.

They're also getting a Spark Kid Dragoon Clone, which will probably see more play in Rain and Cyclone decks. Other than that, nothing else seems that appealing. 

Now I'll wait for BYOND to update the cardpool, or I have to resort to proxies irl to test D:


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