Thursday, July 26, 2012

BT08 stuff: Aqua Force - Storm Rider Bashir

Storm rider Bashir
G2 / POWER: 8000 / GUARD: 5000
[Auto](R): When this unit attacks and you have a AquaForce VG this unit gets POWER+2000 if this is it's 1st battle during this turn, during the beginning of this battle's close step select a unit on the same column as this unit and swap them (The positions of the units will not change)

This will probably be one of the cards that would make me jump into Aqua Force.

Normally, the minimal lineup for late game would be:
O represents circles occupied by units. The VG will attack and the opponent(4 damage) will guard 15k(in most cases) and the AqF player would pass the critical trigger to the next coloumn, to force in another 15k guard.

Now this is where Bashir comes in:
Bashir attacks and opponent's RG (probably an intercept), withering the opponent of a 5k guard. From here, Bashir will swap places with the attacking unit behind it, and that attacking unit will proceed to attacking the other intercept, taking away yet another 5k guard. You can also tech in a Tejas and proceed to sniping a backrow before using it as an intercept. Then just apply usual pressure with the other 2 coloumns.

The downside to this is if the opponent has a wall of 11k (Asura/Azure, DOTE etc) to shut him down. Other than that, it's such a cool card~


I just realised that  Bashir needs to attack the VG. Now, the card doesn't look that good anymore =_=


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