Friday, June 15, 2012

Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer - Rukie

Her effect is at the cost of CB3, the player can select up to 1 G3, G2,G1 and G0 and call them to separate rear guard circles. She also gets +3000 each time a card is called to the Rearguard circle from the soul. She kinda reminds me of Blond Ezel, whereby her skill allows the player to gain power and advantage at the same time.

What separates her from the other Limit Break units (that has CB3 as it's cost) is that the deck is able to unflip cards from the damge zone, through the use of the card called Skyhigh Walker. By soulcharging Skyhigh walker, the player can unflip 1 card from the damage zone, making sure that her Limit Break can be used again the the game, with less reliance on heal triggers. She can also call out a Skyhigh Walker from the soul and soulcharge it, making her LB cost to CB2 . She can also call out purple Trapezist, exchanging the grade 0 (called by Rukie's effect) to pull out an even stronger unit (boost/attacker).

In the context of getting her targets in the soul, the player can always recall out the units that they ride on their first few turns. The Grade 0 target can also be the new starter,Girl who crossed the Gap, since she has the ability to exchange itself with another card in the soul. Other alternatives would be to use their CIP-soulcharge cards, Nitro and Skull Jugglers to get appropriate targets into the soul.

However, I can't really see her Limit Break as something that can be used more than once,at it's best, in the game. Still, it's a decent card that will make the Pale Moon deck much stronger.

Hope that the Dark Irregular Limit Break would be something that is on par with this.


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