Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BT07 stuff: The future of OTT

With the introduction of more starter vanguards for the OTT clan, some OTT players will rejoice that they have more space for cards other than the Tsukuyomi Ride Chain . Being able to make room for cards like Promise Daughter and MeteoBreak Wizard (and even High-Speed Blackie) makes OTT a clan to watch out for in post-BT07 meta.

Tsukuyomi Ride Chain: Foresight

Even though Soulless OTT will be the pinnacle of generating card advantage in OTT clan, there are also merits in using the ride chain. One would be the stacking of triggers, especially in a deck that runs 12-Criticals. Some japanese OTT players have begun to run only 4 Grade 3s ,which is Goddess of the Full Moon, with 12 Criticals to fully depend on a double critical to secure their victory . This OTT build has been proven to be successful in the meta, clinching 1st places in several tournaments. I won't be surprised if some OTT players do not jump onto the Koko bandwagon.

Little Witch Ruru : Draw-Whore

A good play by Bushiroad. With the introduction of a new starter, they managed to bring back Soulless OTT and made Scarlet Witch Koko a beast to watch out for. Ruru is basically a "Luck Bird" that moves to a RG circle once you ride a G3. That means riding Koko will net you a total of +4 cards (Ruru+3 cards drawn). Just another CB2 from Maiden of Libra and the deck would have met the advantage generated from a perfect Tsukuyomi ride, utilizing the same CB (and that's a lot of card advantage). From the +4, the OTT player can proceed to 3rd turn rush without having to fear of lack of cards later in the game.

Battle Sister Eclair : Aiming for stability and consistency

Battle Sister Eclair is the "Spark Kid Dragoon" of the OTT clan and will probably be seeing play in OTT variants which does not consist of the Tsukuyomi Ride Chain and Scarlet Witch Koko. Although the 2 builds mentioned are the stronger builds due to their potential of generating more card advantage, builds that run Eclair tends to be more stable. Tested it in a "CEO-MeteorBreak" core and it works fine. Players can do silly tricks like using Eclair's skill when your CEO checks a MeteorBreak or even use her as a temporary CEO's VG boost and can still hit 18k when conditions are met. This build is by far the favourite among the 3 builds.

And that's just about it for the first wave of updates for the OTT clan. I suspect more Soulless OTT support and possibly a Limit Break unit for the OTT clan,possibly a dual-Euryale (double-Bind!)


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