Monday, May 28, 2012

Post-BT07 Dark Irregulars: 8-Draw Amon

Hi guys, Snake here. I'm here to bring you a post about post-BT07 Dark Irregulars.

In the first BT07 preview, it is revealed that Dark Irregulars are gonna get a second Draw trigger and  a starting vanguard that can move to a RG circle when you ride a Grade 1(yes!). This means Dark Irregulars are gonna be more playable than before since they got a decent starter.

Instead of talking about Blade Wing Reiji, a Dark Irregular card of questionable potential,  I'll be talking about another concept which is much more appealing to me at the moment . That would be playing 8 Draw triggers in a Di deck revolving around Hell Marquis Amon.

Since the deck will not have as much defense as before (having lesser 10k guards), players can opt for a more offensive playstyle. Players can place triggers on the field and dish out as much damage as possible early game without having to worry about having weak power lines later in the game.

Instead of replacing the triggers with stronger boosts/units by retiring them, Amon's effect can be used to create 1-for-1 card exchanges while slowly constructing more powerful power lines later in the game. Draw triggers will give you an edge over the opponent in terms of card advantage later in the game.

However, the deck isn't so SoulCharge centric as the previous Dark Irregular decks so units like the G1 and G2 Amon will less likely fit into this deck. The concept derived from the fact that Amon literally makes ANY DI unit a pseudo-Kinnala. Doreen is perfect in the deck though o.o

Then again, this theory looks promising on paper and I'm not sure how well it'll match up against the current meta (time to proxy-test).

As for Blade Wing Reiji, I'll probably save it for another post.



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