Saturday, April 7, 2012

Meta-shift and thoughts on Narukami

With the amount of BT06 and upcoming TDs coming in late april, the only clan which will have a great impact on the current meta is Gold Paladins. The deck is not reliant on the Burning Lion to function well.

Against 10/11k VG:
CB2: Search ChargeGal, 26k rape
CB2: Slaygal-Dagger(+4000) boosting any 10k rear guard = 21k
CB1: Sagremor (+3000) boosted by Gallus =21k
*have not included Flame of Victory and heal triggers*

Against 13k VG:
CB2: Search Gallus, boost VG = 23k
CB3: Slaygal-Dagger(+6k) boosting any 10k rear guard
and have another line of 18k

*have not included Flame of Victory and heal triggers*

*Of course, do this only when you know that the opponent is going to guard against every one of your attacks.*

Great Silver Wolf ,Garmall, y u so OP

The only way Narukami is gonna shine now is to play the retire build, focusing on the effects of ThunderBreak Dragon and Dragonic DeathScythe, along with their own "Bellicosity Dragon".

I'll probably play Narukami with a Galahad/Tsuku evolution ride for now since their starter is shit compared to Conroe and Cliff. All Naru needs is their own Conroe >.<


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