Sunday, March 4, 2012

Insane Tech Paladin

Just a deck idea that I've been playing around with in BYOND. Adding more deck-thinning elements to a deck which already has an extensive search engine. The idea was to use Beast Knight Garmall and Akane's effects to set up your field (thining your deck) while using Chappie as Guard (thus sending another Chappie from your deck) to further thin your deck. Reduce the number of G3's played and compensate with Pongal's ability (to search for SSD) to make space for Chappie. The balance won't be disturbed as Pongals are also treated as SSD's in the opening hand. A sample Decklist would look something like this:

2 Soul Saver Dragon
2 Fang of Light, Garmall
[2 more G3 if you play 2 Chappie only]

4 Beast Knight Garmall
3-4 Hi-Dog Breeder Akane
[4-5 More G2s]

3-4 Pongal
3-4 Snogal
2-4 Flash Shield Isolde
[1-5 more G1]

[2 or 4] Chappie the Ghost
4 Margal
2 Weapons Dealer Govannon
[10 more Triggers]
1 Bleugal

I chose not to include Palomides since I'm playing so little G3s. 6 Draw triggers to sustain hand. The rest of the triggers is up to the player (Crits preferably). I might drop 1 heal trigger for a critical . But I provided a template instead of a decklist so that I wouldn't want to set a build in stone. Have fun~

*Note: Tried to include Chappie in Kagero but failed horribly*


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