Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thoughts on new main clans for BT06

As much as I'm hyped up about the new Narukami clan, I'm not really disappointed that the 3 main clans that are dominating will not get further support, considering that this is Bushiroad's way of restricting any more upgrades for clans with such strong support. This also gives new players a chance to catch up to more seasoned players and play the clans on even ground.

Will I sell my Kagero in preparation for the new meta? I'll still be holding on to my Kagero's since they're the clan which got me started into vanguard and has been by my side all this while, so it still holds sentimental value to me. I still believe that the 13k VG and the Kagero mechanics are able to compete on even ground with whatever original stuff (Persona Blast, Limit Break etc) Bushiroad can dish out. As for the rest of my decks (Giraffa/PerfectKaiser/EdelRose/NeoNectar), I won't be dismantling them since they are fun to use, especially EdelRose and NeoNectar.

Now, off to get my cheap BFDs and Grand Blue cards.

Oh, btw:

The unit looks friggin cool!


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