Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Deck Profile: Gold Colony

To be honest, after seeing  all the MLB ,DOTE and PBO decks flying around Byond, I kinda got bored of it and decided to try out something different. This has been one of the more fun-to-play decks and so far, I did not face any problems when playing against Shadow Paladins/Bermuda/Kagero ,though I had difficulty playing against Bounce-Draw-Stand Bermudas. So here's the deck:

4 Gold Rutile
4 Death Metal Droid

4 Lady Bomb
4 Super Electromagnetic Being, Storm
4 Hungry Dumpty

3 Twin Blader
4 Karma Queen
4 Claydol Mechanic
3 Tough Boy

1 Battleriser [Stand/SV]
3 Lucky Girl [Stand]
4 Cannon Ball [Stand]
2 The Gong [Draw]
2 Shining Lady [Crit]
4 Wall Boy [Heal]

The concept is quite simple. Cripple the opponent's momentum using Megacolony's  abilities, either reducing the amount of attacks the opponent can dish out or cripple their boosts so that the opponent cannot make effective attacks while you dish out 3 attacks every turn to keep up with the pressure. Then, refresh your counterblasts using Hungry Dumpty, Claydol Mechanic and Storm. Then do it again.

The reason I included Gold Rutile is because when as Vanguard, your rear guards automatically gain Storm's effect, further applying pressure to the opponent if they intend to prevent you from unflipping cards in your damage zone. As a bonus, Rutile's effect comes in handy to insert an additional attack to increase the gap in momentum between both players.

As for choice of triggers, I chose Stands mainly because I will be triggering them most beyond turn 3, when I have Gold Rutile as my Vanguard. That is when my rear guards become Bellicosity Dragons, and Storm having twice the effect is handy. Having those "Bellicosity Dragons" hit the VG as much as possible would allow me to maximise the usage of my CB units. Stands>Crits as I want more attacks. I went for 6 defensive triggers (4 Heal, 2 Draw) mainly because I will be doing more drive checks than actual Damage Checks throughout the game.

I still feel the lack of CB units, so I might add in 1-2 Hell Spiders. Might cut down on the Hungry Dumpty and Claydol Mechanic as they seem dead when I have no CB units . Might include Kirara. Will update on that bit.

Other than that, it's one of my favourite decks to play as of now.


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