Monday, February 27, 2012

Bermuda △ overview 1: Riviere series

I apologise for the "what-seem-to-be-a-hiatus". Been busy with stuff like moving and assignments and stuff. But I'm back and I'll be writing and separating 3 articles of the upcoming Bermuda  clan. Heres the first of the Bermuda △ overview: Riviere series.

Ride Mechanic
One of the starters for this set is Bermuda △ cadet  Riviere. When you ride Mermaid idol Riviere(G1), you can look at the top 7 cards of your deck and search up to 1 Super idol Riviere(G2) or Top idol Riviere(G3) [+1]. And when you subsequently ride Super idol Riviere and Top idol Riviere, you get to draw 1 card each [+2]. So, in mathematical terms:

Start First: 5(+1)-1[+1](+1)-1[+1]<+1>(+1)-1[+1] = 9 (before twin drive)
Start Second: (take above equation)<+1>=10 (before twin drive)
*(+1)= Draw, [+1]=Draw via effect, <+1>= Drive check*

In short, it's an insane search ride mechanic that nets you card advantage every time you ride. Riding Mermaid idol Riviere over Bermuda △ cadet  Riviere further stabilises this mechanic (assuming you run 4 of each G2/G3 in the deck). With the added advantage, you can contribute some of that into dishing out damage to the opponent on the second turn and third turn since you have potentially 9 units to do so by turn 3.

Despite this, it is STILL a searchRide mechanic. Just like the Amber and Blau series, if you do not draw that specific grade 1 in your opening hand, you cannot enjoy all the advantage you could have gained. However, Bermuda △ cadet  Riviere has the ability to move to the rear guard circle if you ride any other G1. Talk about an annoying starter.

Persona Blast
Other than the ride mechanic, Top idol Riviere(G3) has a unique ability . When her attack hits a VG, you may pay the cost (CB2 and discard Top idol Riviere), choose up to 3 Bermuda  units, they get (power+5000) till end of the turn. Looks powerful at first glance but:

1) The only time the opponent is going to let Top idol Riviere's attack hits the VG is when he is at below 4 damage. Unless you get a critical trigger, the power boost will only help in bringing the opponent to late game (5 damage).

2) To make the turn 3 persona blast work, you need a second Top idol Riviere in your hand by turn 3. Although the ride mechanic helps in getting this, this is still sacky as you need the help of critical triggers to push the opponent into guarding those massively boosted attacks.

3) In response to point 1, don't even try to apply damage control for the first 2 turns. With that much card advantage in the first 2 turns, the Bermuda  player should be putting units on the field and push for damage (unless you've been drawing triggers).

In conclusion, the persona blast only helps the Bermuda  player bring the opponent to 5 damage.

Thoughts on this series:

Power-based, though very situational. The persona blast is an alternative to push the opponent to late game in case the opponent has been triggering heal and draw in his damage checks. Though the series lacks units to reach 20k (except for Super Idol Serum), the card advantage generated early game compensates for that. But if you don't have the Grade 1 in you opening hand, there goes your advantage.


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