Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tourney report: 27/1/2012 Lorong AhSoo

Venue: Active Games Collection (Lorong Ahsoo)
Date: 27/1/2012
Time: 6:30pm - 10pm
Deck Used: Overlord Kagero

It's been a while since I've participated in a tourney. Just joined to see the meta and test my deck.

First Round: Zhi - Royal Paladin (Alfred/Baro/SSD)
He minimized the amount of rear guards I have so that I can dish out lower number of attacks than him. He has 3 attacks but I have 2 every turn. He regained his momentum even though he missed a grade. The 13k VG helped a lot in reducing card loss later in the game. Won by deck out.

Second Round: XiaoTi - Shadow Paladin (Phantom Blaster Dragon/Overlord)
He pulled off (PBO+Macha+Painter+PBD) combo at turn 3 but I maintained 3 attacks every turn after turn 2 and rush from there.

Top 16: Fabian - Kagero (Overlord Kagero)
First match was guarding 2 triggers for DOTE and he put everything to the VG. No comment there. The other 2 games were just consecutive 3 attacks and criticals.

Top 8: Jesmond - Kagero (Goku Overlord)
For both games, our first triggers were critical triggers and my third damage was DOTE.Funny much. He had much stronger drive checks for both games (his Goku kagero has 23 triggers :O). Also didn't set up my 13k VG while he has stand triggers in his deck for late game.

Looking at yesterday's top 8:
2 RP (Alfred/Baro)
2 RP (MLB)
1 Kagero (Goku Kagero)
2 Kagero (Overlord Kagero)
1 SP (PBD - Overlord)

 Result: Top 8 since it's late and we're okay with sharing prizes. Got Maiden of Trailing Roses but traded for 2 Cosmobeak since I need em for my next deck. The deck I used for the tourney:

Overlord Rush

4 Dragonic Overlord
4 Dragonic Overlord

4 Burning Horn Dragon
4 Berserk Dragon
3 Dragon Knight Nehalem
3 Bellicosity Dragon

4 Embodiment of Armor Bahr
4 Dragon Monk Gojo
3 Wyvern Guard Barryi

4 Embodiment of Spear - Tahr
4 Blu-Ray Dracokid
4 Demonic Dragon Mage Raksha
4 Dragon Monk Genjou

Props to YeeShean for suggesting 14G2s. Though his build runs Iron Tail Dragons to perfect with Burning Horn, I personally run Gojo just in case I don't have the cards I need early game. The deck is just about attacking and pressure.


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