Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tourney report: 23/12/2011 Lorong AhSoo

Venue: Active Games Collection (Lorong Ahsoo)
Date: 24 Dec 2011
Time: 6:30pm - 10pm
Deck Used: Goku Kagero

1st Round : Walk Over

2nd Round: William (Shadow Paladin)
Didn't trigger and he has 21k VG.

3rd Round : Random (Dimension Police)
When I attack, I say 16k he really go guard 15k. Nothing much to say.

4th Round : Eugine (Dual Axe Kagero)
1) I tried to rush him but he slowed me down. And then his Goku gets to work. Took the game from there.
2) I missed my Grade 3 but managed to ride Overlord after 2 turns. But he still slow me down and perfected me with Dual Axe.
After the match, he admit that it was one-sided but I'm not gonna rage about it. Better than losing to some random by sacking triggers.

Result: Scrub. Wasn't a good day to play VG. I kept missing grade 3's and triggers. Went on and see the following matches and had some laughs (Bank/Skye shenanigans)

Gonna play Stand Kagero again. Might try with Goku.


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