Sunday, December 25, 2011

Top Gun - NG's Tyrant Death Rex

Top Gun
Grade 3/Power 10,000/No Shield/ Nova Grappler

Auto [V]: When your <Nova Grappler> Rearguard is rested, for this turn, this unit's power is +1000.

Looks like a GranBlue card. Less flexible but less costly version of Death Rex. For more stability in terms of power, I'd rather play Armored Fairy Spielger as VG but this guy can potentially reach 23000 so it's up to the player. Combo with Rocket Hammerman to give him +3000 with 1 rest. Just a small combo if you're up against control decks like Dark Irregulars and Kagero and you don't have enough units to make him +5000. Seems like a fun card to use.


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