Monday, December 19, 2011

Team tourney report: Lorong Ahsoo

Venue: Active Games Collection (Lorong Ahsoo)
Date: 18 Dec 2011
Time: 2:30pm - 7pm

Mickey: Flame Dragon Kagero
Anwa: Goku Kagero
Yee Shean : Royal Paladin (Alfred)

Match 1: (idk the team name)(idk the boy's name)
Deck Used: Spike Brother
XO- (Team won)
1) Seyfried hax and trigger hax. No heal came out
2) Controlled him like a dog on a leash. I've had 4 counts to dq him but won the match
3) Didn't play since teammates won
*I did not activate Goku's effect*

Macth 2: Team HoSehBo: Adwin
Deck Used: Royal Paladin (Bridgette/Gancelot/HDD)
OO- (Team won)
I couldn't remember how the matches went. He missed a G3 at one of the matches. I was focused on bringing him to a late game state as his deck outclasses mine in terms of power so i keep starting off with 2 attacks, followed by 3 every turn to keep the pressure. I can tell that he put a lot of thought into the deck, since he has answers to get rid of dead cards in the hand both early and late game. Blaster Blade's (I assume 4) are answers to heavy-hitters at the sides. Props to Adwin for creativity and guts.
*I did not activate Goku's effect*

Match 3: (idk the team name)(idk the boy's name)
Deck used: Kagero(Executioner/Overlord)
OXX (Team won)
1) His 20k setups are ineffective against my 11k VG, Dragonic Overlord
2) I controlled him like a dog on a leash, but i declared no guard when i thought I had 3 damage, when i actually had 4. He opened a crit. Speechless
3) He had G3 vg I had G1 vg
*I did not activate Goku's Effect*

Match 4: Team BURDEN: Bank
Deck used: Tsuku Tamer
OXX (Team lost)
1) I double healed. Dragged from there
2) He double crit at 3 damage. D:
3) He double crit at 3 damage. D:
Nothing much to say. At the end, I just realised he played 12 criticals in his deck. He has a very well-constructed deck, still with risk accompanying the disadvantages. 12 criticals with Tsukuyomi's draw ability is scary. At least I did not misgrade for 3 rounds and presented a good game.
*I did not activate Goku's Effect*

Final Match: (idk their team name): HengYeow
Deck used: Goku Kagero
OO- (Team won)
The final match was epic as the lineup and decks used for the matches are pretty much the same. Mickey got paired up with Mark, who also uses a Flame Dragon Kagero deck.Yee Shean got paired up with Jaden who also uses a Royal Paladin deck (Alfred). I got paired up with HengYeow, who also uses a Goku Kagero deck.

He was running a Goku Kagero with stands, a pretty scary deck by concept. I couldn't remember how it went for match 1, except that I finally activated Goku's effect once. For match 2, I played aggressively and was lucky at the same time. He only opened 1 stand trigger throughout game 2 and a couple of G3's for Goku's effect but my 10k VG and RG walled his 9k RGs for a while. The rest is pretty much attrition

By tie breaker, out team won, but decided to share in the end. Topped up cash to get a box of BT03 Here are the spoils:

Got Daiyusha SP (seriously ...). I took the nullifys since I needed em for my upcoming decks. Yee Shean took the Full Moon while Mickey took the Dual Axe. Sold the rest and split the cash amongst ourselves. Took the commons/rares we need and donated the rest to the shopkeeper. Ended the day with dinner with Team BURDEN.

Despite feeling like the burden of the team, I did learn a lot during my first Team tournament. There were some good matches during the tournament (declared 2 trigger pass but drive checked a Flame dragon and a Flame Dragon trigger[3+5+3=+11k]) and of course, some laughs throughout the tournament.

Current plans (VG):
- Thinking up of a new rush deck involving Neko Butler
- updating my DI-Kagero (probably changing it to Aleph haste)
- Rebuilding Tachikaze rush
- Post BT05 Dark irregulars (betting on it since Tetsu deserves a deck that is on par with Shadow Paladin and Kagero)


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