Monday, December 5, 2011

Post-EB01 shenanigans: Kagero - 15k wall


I might be overhyping this but Hidden Dragon Striken now allows Kagero players to follow up with strong plays on the turn they ride their Grade 3. 

Goku: Ride Striken and end your turn, having no other front rear guards. The opponent will be forced to put supports to even deal damage. Then, follow up with Goku next turn and proceed to burn during the next few consecutive turns. Even if the opponent drops nullify/a number of cards to guard the VG attack (with Critical +1), Goku's ability will net you with a lead in card difference. Control from there while scouting their hand.

Eclipse: The Eclipse series gets a power up. It will be very advantageous if you managed to start first in a deck like this. Scout for nullifys in the opponent's first 2 drive checks. If he/she manages to get one, you can split the pressure by attacking with Critical +1 on your 3rd turn and using his CB ability on your 4th turn to force cards down. If you have a rough gauge of what is in his hand, you can also use CB2 on your turn 3 to make the opponent's balls drop. Technical players ought to give this a try.

Waterfowl: Self-explanatory. Run a 12-crit build and punch with a 26k setup at turn 3. Getting 1 critical trigger means 3 damage = welcome to late game where you see 31000 power Waterfowl. Making opponent drop so much early in the game also gives you the card advantage since he dedicates at least 1 more card to hit Striken. Let your High-powered waterfowl and crits do the work from there.

I did not include Dragonic overlord in the list as I feel that getting CB3 after setting up the 15k wall is not possible unless the opponent really puts everything down. Furthermore , at your turn 3, it's not possible to drive check 3 times as the opponent probably has only units that can intercept at the Front row RG. Will update after further testing.

Hidden Dragon Striken being unrestrained in the RG means more big beaters for Kagero. Post BT05, Kagero will probably be the only clan that has the constant wall (eg. having a 15k VG wall at turn 2/having 10k wall at turn 2/ having an 11k wall at turn 3/possibly a 13k VG wall at turn 4 though DO,TE's effect is still not confirmed).

The current 15k wall is impressive and further compliments Kagero's nature of retiring the opponent's units since it forces the opponent to put down stuff for you to burn. So friendly! If the opponent doesn't put down supports, then he will less likely deal damage to you this turn, in turn giving you the damage lead. Of course, if you don't have a Grade 3 in your hand and are stuck with Striken as your VG, then good luck.


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