Saturday, December 24, 2011

Maiden of the Evil Eye, Euryale - Binding

Grade 3/Oracle Think Tank - ???/10000 Power/No Shield
Auto: When this unit enters a Vanguard or Rearguard Circle, and you have 6 or more <<Oracle Think Tank>> in your Soul, you may choose one card on your opponent's hand at random and "Bind" it. At the end of your turn, that card returns to your opponent's hand.

Rulings for "Bind" aren't out yet, though I have a feeling that "Bind" is like rendering the card being unusable. If it is, this card will be an interesting addition to the already powerful arsenal the Oracle Think Tank clan has (Promise daughter,Silent Tom, Tsukuyomi, Meteobreak). Once again, sacky card that can net you the game if you piked out cards like 10000 guards or nullifys. It has interesting synergy with Imperial Daughter as well.

Time to see the price of HalfMoon Tsukuyomi skyrocket again.


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