Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dimension Police: Miracle Beauty and 8 Stands

Finally, Dimension Police can stray away from their "4 each" triggers since they're getting their 2nd stand trigger . Also, we can actually abandon the SearchRide for Enigman Storm since DP's getting their own Iron Tail Dragon in PR04. Cosmobeak + Daiyusha early game and stands for late game. It gets better with the following card:
Miracle Beauty
Grade 3/Dimensional Police - ???/10000 Power/No Shield
Auto [R]: During your Battle Phase, when this unit Stands, and you have a <<Dimensional Police>> Vanguard, choose one of your <<Dimensional Police>> unit in the same column as this unit and Stand it.

8 Stands makes Miracle Beauty scary, forcing out 15k guards late game (with boost). Works well with CosmoRoar and Enigman Rain. Place CosmoRoar behind Miracle Beauty and add 2000 to Enigman Rain VG. Force out a 5000 guard using  Miracle Beauty and taunt the opponent with Rain's effect. Getting the attack to hit is a bonus since triggering a stand would also make Miracle beauty 21000 with the boost of CosmoRoar, which would also stand due to Miracle Beauty's effect. Plus, it has such a nice art. I won't be surprised if this card's price skyrockets in bigweb due to the appearance, and she somehow reminds me of Baromides, though not so autopilot.


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