Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thoughts on BT05 preview (Part 1)

Phantom Blaster Overlord
Grade 3/Shadow Paladin/11000 Power/No Shield
Continuous (Vanguard/Rearguard): If you have non <<Shadow Paladin>> Units in your Vanguard or Rearguard Circle, this Unit loses 2000 Power.
Continuous (Vanguard): If "Phantom Blaster Dragon" is in your Soul, this unit gains 2000 Power.
Auto (Vanguard): [Counter Blast 3 Cards, Discard "Phantom Blaster Overlord" from your hand.] When this Card attacks, you can pay the cost. If you do, this Unit gains 10000 Power and 1 Critical.

Other than it being a strong vanilla, the fact that this is the only vanguard that can set up a 13000 wall is amazing. If difficult, an 11k wall setup can be done as well. Though his effect to gain 10000 and critical +1 is more of a bonus since players would invest their counterblast for stuff like Nevan and Macha.

Phantom Bringer Demon
Grade 0/Shadow Paladin/5000 Power/10000 Shield
Activate (Rearguard): [Counter Blast 1 Card, Retire 2 of your <<Shadow Paladin>> Rearguards.]

Search your Deck for 1 <<Phantom Blaster Overlord>>, show it your opponent, add it to your hand, then shuffle your Deck.

Macha(CB2) calls PB Demon. PB Demon CB1 retires itself and Macha to search for PBO. Despite the search engine already available for PhantomBlasterDragon, Shadow paladin as the ultimate wall deck?
Once again, another reason why it would be difficult to use PBO's CB3 effect.
*Advantage = +1-2+1 = 0*
Stealth Youkai Kuramalord
Grade 3/Murakumo/10000 Power/No Shield
Auto (Vanguard): When your Main Phase begins, Soul Charge 1 Card, select 1 card in your Damage Zone and flip it up.
Auto (Vanguard): [Soul Blast 8 Cards, Counter Blast 5 Cards] When this Unit's Attack Hits, you can pay the cost. if you do, all of your Units Stand.

Im looking forward to see how Murakumo will affect the way Invincible deck variants will be played (More importantly InvinciOverlord)

Espionage Demon Dragon Mandalalord
Grade 3/Murakumo/11000 Power/No Shield
Continuous (Vanguard/Rearguard): If you have non <<Murakumo>> Units in your Vanguard or Rearguard Circles, this unit loses 2000 Power.
Auto (Vanguard): [Counter Blast 1 Card, Discard 1 "Espionage Demon Dragon Mandalalord" from your hand] When this Unit is attacked, when the Guard Step begins. you can pay the cost. If you do, the attacking Unit loses 10000 Power.

Compared to PBO's CB3, CB1 is a cheap cost to deny the opponent of a powerful attack. Literally making it's own copy a 10k guard is cool. *Now prays for search engine*

Flame of Promises, Aermo
Grade 1/Kagero - Salamander/4000 Power/5000 Shield

Auto (Rearguard): [Soul Blast 1 Card] If this Unit boosts a "Overlord" Unit, you can pay the cost. This card gains 6000 Power.

Cool card that compliments well with Dragonic overlord and Conroe. Also works with PBO. As for me, I won't run 4 of him lol
I'm just hoping Dragonic overlord The End has the same calibur as Phantom Blaster Overlord.The Murakumo clan is also showing promise. Hope to see more good paladin stuff


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