Sunday, November 27, 2011

EB01: Garyuu Striken and Machining series

Garyuu Striken
Grade 2/Kagerou - {Flame Dragon?}/10000 Power/5000 Shield
Continuous (V): Restraint
Auto (V): {If this Unit is attacked and there is no Boost, this Unit gains 5000 Power.}
Auto: When another <<Kagerou>> Rides this card, during this turn, your Vanguard gains 5000 Power and Critical +1.

So, A.D.Eclipse becomes playable now? Even D.Overlord at center becomes a considerable decision. With the right push, this setup places an incredible strain on the opponent. Of course, this wouldn't be viable for players who opt for the option to Superior Ride. And Kagero now has access to 12 Grade 2 rear guards with 10000 power (actually 8 if you focus on unsupported attacks). Possibly one of the best cards in the set. Stand trigger Kagero will gain popularity?

Machining series


Basically, start with G0 Machining and you'll get a 15000 G3 Machining. Not to mention the G1 and G2 counterparts gets boosts when they touch the field. Splash in Antlion to get more Machining into the soul for G3 Machining's effect. I like the fact that the player gets more units from this. The only problem is whether or not to include stand triggers in this deck. If i were to play this, I won't even play the G3 and focus on massive power boosting for the G1 and G2 Machining (10k boost when touch field is good)

As for me, I'll be focusing on my Draw Megacolony and testing trigger builds (probably going for 8 crit 4 draw 4 heal or 8 crit 4 stand 4 heal)

It seems that most of the good and stable cards are cheaper than their RR and RRR counterparts O_O


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