Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deck profile: Megacolony deck

It's been a while since I posted. Been testing ard with decks over the past few days. Here's a pure MC deck that I've made. It's been holding itself fairly well against other mainstream decks like RP/Kagero/OTT (unless I miss a grade for 1-2 turns).

With 13 cards that can make VG Master Fraud 20000 and 7 cards that can make Master Fraud at least 21000, the focus is already stated. The 20000+ power VG will be the one to lead the way, while passing trigger boosts to RG to make further pushes. Hell Spider/Karma Queen/Lady Bomb to cripple the opponents VG/G3RG late game while Water Gang/Master Fraud nets advantage on turn 2/3.

Q:  Why no Giraffa?
A: Sure, clog up my grade 1's and reduce my chances of making Master Fraud 20k+. I'd rather have much more boosts to make Fraud 20k+ and an easier matchup against Kagero.

The only way for Evil Shell Shogun Giraffa to reach 20k+ is to have it boosted by Stealth Millipede. Having to rely on a specific boost to make an offensive vanguard attack will result in a very difficult matchup against Kagero decks. Not to mention the risk of not drawing into it. (Compare 4 to 13 cards). And Giraffa's CB ability is too technical to net any real advantage.

Q:  Then, won't riding Madame Mirage won't net you any card advantage, as compared to Giraffa that can search.
A: Here's 4 Master Fraud and 4 Water Gang. No joke, I draw 5 cards in a turn. It happens

Q:  Why no 4 Millipede?
A:  (RG Ant Jaw + Milipede = 17000) as compared to (RG Ant Jaw + Karma Queen = 18000). I'd rather have 18000 power to take out Silent Toms/rush 8000 power VG at turn 2.

Q: Why 4 Master Fraud and not 4 Hell Spider
A: *KoK Alfred gives troll face* and other stand trigger shenanigans. Master Fraud is a confirmed +3000 boost when boosted by a Megacolony so yeah.

And that's just about it. I want to add Death Warden but it's unrealistic in this kind of deck. It also adds more restriction to the type of boost I need. But Death Warden is cool nonetheless.


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