Friday, October 14, 2011

Shadow Paladin Shenanigans : Skull Witch Nevan and the PBD synergy

Skull Witch Nevan
Grade 2/Shadow Paladin/3000/5000/Intercept/1
Auto【R】[Counterblast (1), Discard 1 «Shadow Paladin»] 
When you call this unit into the RG zone you may pay the cost. If paid, draw 2 cards.

Awesome +1 at CB1. The low cost is really handy. Though not broken due to her base stat of 3000 (put it in the vanguard circle and you can simulate Stil Vampire's effect xD) and the possibility of drawing a trigger. Still, this deck thinning mechanism is good nonetheless. Luckily she is a Grade 2, at least she will not stuck in the rear guard. Of course, as a rear guard, she is bait to stuff like Dragonic Overlord/Apollon/Libra etc. When used right, it is scary. Now it is easier to use the next card.

Phantom Blaster Dragon
Grade 3/Shadow Paladin/10000/0/Twin Drive/1
Continuous【V】: When you have「Blaster Dark」in your Soul, this Unit gains +1000 Power.
Startup【V】: [Counterblast (2), Retire 3 of your «Shadow Paladin»'s] During this turn, this Unit gains +10000 Power and +1 Critical.

Now Phantom Blaster Dragon's effect is easier to pull off, just that you won't have any card advantage gain this turn and you wont have a sturdy guard next turn. Just use Nevan and dispose her for stronger units.


Also, do you guys see it? The plusses? Use the Witch and Wizard to replenish card loss. Now, using Phantom Blaster Dragon's effect won't be so much of a pain.

Overall Card Advantage calculation:
[-1(Ride PBD)] +2 (Twin Drive) = +1
[-1(Ride PBD)]+2 (Twin Drive) -3 (PBD effect) = -2
[-1(Ride PBD)] +2 (Twin Drive) -3 (PBD effect) +1(witch/wizard effect) +1(witch/wizard effect) = 0

This is assuming that you activate PBD's effect on the turn u ride it. On later turns, just remove the -1 from the first part of the equation.

{+2 (Twin Drive) -3 (PBD effect) +1(witch/wizard effect) = 0}

Much easier to maintain card advantage the turn you use PBD's effect. Since it requires you to only use either of the two to nullify card loss.
Then again: 

Skull Witch Nevan
Total requirement: CB3, 1 empty RG slot
+2 (Twin Drive) -3 (PBD effect) +1(Witch) = 0

ShadowPala's Gigantic Charger
Total requirement: CB2, 2 empty RG slot
+2 (Twin Drive) -3 (PBD effect) +1(Wizard) = 0

But in terms of hand advantage:

[-1(Ride PBD)] +2 (Twin Drive) -3 (PBD effect) -1 -1 +2(witch) =[-2] -1
[-1(Ride PBD)] +2 (Twin Drive) -3 (PBD effect) -1 +1(wizard) =[-2] -1

Yeah, your hand size will become smaller - a drawback from making the opponent piss in his pants when guarding. And one nullify for the VG attack will make your efforts go to waste. *time to stock up on nullify guard*

Overall, It makes the PBD's ability more manageable, but still anything with +10000 and Critical +1 deserves a drawback like that. Of course, if the deck doesn't rely on PBD, you'll see plusses all around. Shadow paladin is a deck worth exploring.


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