Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nova-Grappler Draw Deck

It's gonna be a week more to the release of BT04, and I've been testing a hipster build of NovaGrappler around Byond. Basically it's a draw deck which revolve around these:


Initially, my build's FV is Kaleido Ace, so that Armored Fairy Spielger's condition can be met (G0,G1,G2 in soul). The Kruger engine can be used as well, though it wouldn't be as cheap as using Kaleido Ace (and not as troll). I've been playing around a MegaColony-DarkIrregular deck which uses the same concept, though less superior than the NovaGrappler Build. Cards like Oracle Guardian Apollon and some MegaColony cards can also be included in the deck, since the main vanguard for the deck is Mr Invincible.

Of course in exchange for draw power, this deck lacks power in comparison to decks like OTT(CEO-axis) and Royal Paladin. Will do further testing ~


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