Sunday, October 16, 2011

Master Fraud and the DI-SoulCharge Engine

The MegaColony clan is initially and more known for their ability to prevent the opponent's units from standing during their Stand Phase. It is very effective in stopping units that does not have "Intercept" or cripple their boost to buy yourself more time. I'll be looking into one of their key cards that might reveal a different playstyle for MegaColony players in the future (BT04 getting massive boosts for this clan).

Master Fraud's first ability is that when your attack hits and you have a Megacolony Vanguard, you can SB3 to draw 1 card. Quite cool as compared to the usual CB2 to get the card gain, and reserving counterblast usage for something else. When coupled with a base clan with a strong Soul-Charge mechanic (Tsukuyomi/Pale-Moon/Dark-Irregulars), his ability can be quite promising.

Master Fraud's second ability is that as Vanguard, when it is boosted by a MegaColony Unit, it gets a +3000 boost. It further compliments the first ability, making effective pushes to the opponent's units with high power while provoking with the ability of an extra draw.


The Dark Irregular and Pale Moon clan are probably the best clans when it comes to Soul-Charging. I chose Dark Irregulars because, as opposed to Pale Moon, I'd rather have more female units than a bunch of clowns. At turn 1, you will have at least 2 souls due to Vermillion GateKeeper and at turn 2, you will have at least 3 souls, meeting the requirement for Master Fraud's effect. Of course ,if (at turn 2) you have Decadent Succubus as your vanguard, you can add further soul by placing more Dark Irregular units to the field for the offensive (Gwynn the Reaper/Werewolf Sieger). Alluring Succubus further adds to the soul-charging. 

At optimum conditions:
Turn 1: 3 Soul (Ride Alluring Succubus)
Turn 2: 10 Souls! (Ride Decadent Succubus and summon 3 Alluring Succubus)

Of course, that is if you have such a hand at first (most unlikely). Another reason that I would use the Dark-Irregular SoulCharge engine is the flexibility that comes with Edel Rose. Players now have the option to make room for cards like <Rock the Wall> to further add soul. And with the abundant counterblast that isn't used, Edel Rose has a good spot in the Vanguard to make strong punches with her ability. Same goes for the underrated Gwynn the Reaper (though he's more situational late-game)

Master Fraud's ability works in the vanguard and the rear guard circle, so if you have multiple copies of Master Fraud, you know that the opponent will not be able to guard forever. Getting the extra draw would even your matches with clans like Spike Brother and Kagero, who has their starter which can nullify card loss from riding. Paired with Dark-Irregular's stand triggers, it is more possible to trigger the draw. Cards like Hell Spider would be an excellent choice for this deck as this ensures a strong MegaColony Vanguard (though each of their conditions for boost is not as easily achieved as CEO Amaterasu). 

Currently, the only thing that this deck lacks is a rear guard combination that can reach at least 20000 power and the trigger combination that would suit best for the current deck (a set of draw triggers would help). Another thing would be that it is not as flexible as other draw decks like Oracle Think Tank. Now ,if MegaColony gets their own equivalent of Mr Invincible and their own Apollon, it'll be a cool clan to play! As of now, this concept is worth exploring. Have fun waiting till BT04 is released.


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