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Dimension Police Clan analysis / Deck Profile of my current DP deck

Dimension Police is a new clan that is introduced in BT04 which is equipped with the option to use the search/Ride mechanic. The clan is obviously known for giving power boosts to their units and getting the +1 critical and other effects as VG when certain conditions are met.


Playstyle: Critical

Probably the set that most players would run. The new ride mechanic is less restrictive than GOS/Tsuku ride mechanic, though each has their own good points.

The good thing of using this deck-structure:
1) You can have an 11000 vanguard if conditions are met.
2) Getting the critical condition met would help you reverse the pace of the game
3) Once you get Enigman Ripple in your opening hand, you are probably set up for the above conditions.
4) Even if you miss Ripple, as long as you ride Wave later, you're set up for the 11000 Storm
5) Unlike Daiyusha, Enigman Storm can reach 25000 power with Glory Maker. FTW!

The downside of using such a deck structure is that:
1) If you're planning for consistency and play 4 Enigman Ripple, you won't have much space for other Grade 1's that this clan can offer.
2) Enigman Storm has a higher requirement than it's critical counterpart, Daiyusha. If you miss riding Ripple or Wave, chances of getting Critical +1 is much more tedious.

Even if the advantages outweighs the disadvantages, there is still a possibility of missing both Ripple and Wave when riding. Also with less choices in card slot, I personally feel that this restriction is a huge blunder when meeting the critical condition for Storm.


Playstyle: Stand
One of the less-popular builds of Dimension Police. Though the thought of Critical +1 is much more appealing than standing a rear guard, it is much easier to meet the condition for the VG effect to activate. Cards to include would be CosmoRoar and Grander. Even with a 18000 VG setup (Rain + 8000), reaching 20000 with effect activated is strong IMO. A build worth exploring (and it's cheaper than the already cheap Dimension Police)

Playstyle: Critical
As compared to Storm, Daiyusha's condition will always be a constant 4000. With the help of Cosmo beak, it emulates Edel Rose's skill, while providing more defense (compares 9000 to 10000). With 2 Grander/CosmoRoar, critical condition can be met. A downside would be that even with Glory Maker, Daiyusha can only reach 24000, as compared to Storm with a 25000 with a similar condition. Still, a Daiyusha axis is  stable in a sense that your card choices are not as restricted as running an Enigman-axis and meeting it's critical condition will always be 4000. 

Advantages of Dimension Police:
Critical +1 is a massive game turner especially on the turn you Ride your Grade 3. Either the opponent guards the attack by dropping 20000 guard (2-4 cards) for 2 trigger pass , in most occasions, or let the attack pass and receive 2 damage without triggers.

Dimension Police also has their 10000 support, Glory Maker, whose condition is very easy to achieve (Possibly used as a counter mechanism against the rush nature of some decks like Kagero and Spike Brothers). CosmoBeak is excellent in this deck to activate critical conditions of Daiyusha/ Storm and also making rear guards achieve 20000 status.

Disadvantages of Dimension Police:
Most of the Grade 1 the clan offers are 6000 or below, making Grade 2's like CosmoBeak and Grander not very effective rear guards, in terms of power. Commander Laurel, a card that received quite the attention, is proved to be not as useful as cards like Grander, CosmoFang and CosmoBeak as 1) you need to overextend by filling up your rear guard slots and 2) you need your Vanguard's attack to hit. The opponent can exploit this and guard every Vanguard attack while clearing your rear guards during his turn. This will force the DP player to dedicate more to the field just to meet Laurel's condition. A risk that comes with a godly effect of standing the vanguard.

Dimension Police is also weak against clans that can take out the backrow G1 supports, especially Kagero and MegaColony, as some players would rely on cards like Glory Maker and CosmoFang to maintain their offense.

As of now, I will not post sample decklists of Dimension police decks as I feel that , given the wide variety of cards and strategies, a Dimension Police deck will shape according to the user and I wouldn't wanna place boundaries on a clan with such potential.

I will, however, share the build that I'm running at the moment and a thorough explanation of the choice of cards.

Deck Name: Space Hero
Clans used: Royal Paladin, Dimension Police

4 Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha
2 Enigman Rain
2 Knight of Conviction, Bors

4 Knight of Trials, Galahad
3 Masked Police, Grender
3 Cosmobeak

4 Knight of Exploration, Galahad
4 Little Sage ,Marron
2 Karenroid Daisy
2 Glory Maker
3 Diamond Ace

4 Alabaster Owl [Critical]
4 Cosmo Fang [Critical]
4 Margal [Draw]
4 Justice Rose [Heal]
1 Durengal [FV]

The first thing I don't like about Dimension Police is their trigger setup of 4 each. I figured I need to mix with another clan to achieve 8 criticals. I decided not to play the Enigman Ride Engine, thus I have to find an alternative (and no, I'm not playing R2D2). Galahad ride engine is the next best that i could think of. With the search ride, I feel safe playing less Grade 2 and 3 to make way for more Grade 1's for early beat. This also fixes the power problem Dimension Police rear guards commonly face. Now with 10 G1 that has at least 7000 power, Grander and CosmoBeak are less dead and can aid in punching the opponent's Vanguard, while playing their roles. As for Grade 3's, 4 Daiyusha's is mandatory for me as he is the hero of the deck. Initially I comtemplated on 4 Daiyusha and 4 Bors but the risk of Bors being the vanguard is quite high to make my Diamond Ace's dead. Thus, second best would be Enigman Rain, whose effect is also easy to activate. Even without +4000 to VG, Grander can also aid in giving 2000 to a 18000 VG setup, reaching 20000. Since most of my supports are at least 7000, Bors makes a perfect fit in pushing the game further.

Things that I would improve would be:
1) Balance between CosmoBeak and Grander
2) Might remove Glory Maker altogether for Karenroid Daisy
3) Adjust number of Bors

Of course, I'm still testing this deck. So far, it's proven to be more stable than a pure build without Enigman Ride engine. Will do further testing ..

*changes: replaced army penguin for Margal for additional boosts*

Btw I forgot to include something important.

Glory Maker's +4000 boost to the vanguard does not give Daiyusha critical +1 as all attack boosts must be resolved before the Vanguard's attack step. Since boosting does not occur at the beginning of the attack step, Glory Maker's +4000 to the vanguard does not give Daiyusha's critical +1.

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Now there is GREAT DAIYUSHA. He could do 25k and 2 crit with just glory maker. No need skill boosting.

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