Saturday, October 8, 2011

Deck Profile: Dark-Irregular-Kagero Haste

I've come up with this solution to improve my Grade 1 haste Deck. Kinda obvious from the number of Grade 1's I've played here.

Dark-Irregular-Kagero Haste

3 Edel Rose
4 Demon Eater

4 Werewolf Sieger
3 HighSpeed Brakki

4 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
4 Dragon Monk Gojo
4 Iron Tail Dragon
4 Prisoner Beast

4 Lizard Soldier Conroe
4 Cursed Doctor
4 Blitz Ritter
4 Blue-Ray Dracokid
4 Embodiment of Spear, Tahr
The fatal weakness of my previous Grade 1 deck is that when the opponent reaches Grade 3, I'll lose slowly by advantage as he gets  a Twin Drive. And against Kagero matchups, I'll die against Dragonic Overlord/ Berserk Dragon. To counter this, I need to twin drive as well lol , while maintaining the rush element (that means play lots of Grade 1 lols)

Lightning Bug of Flash!
To maximise the number of Grade 1's in my deck, I have to reduce the number of Grade 2's and 3's from my deck. Then, I realised of the usefulness of Gancelot and Edel Rose since they can search out their G2 counterparts. I went with Edel Rose because 10000 power searchable vanillas are always welcome (and she's a girl). This allows me to play less Grade 2's since I have other cards to search them out. Thus, I went with 7 Grade 3s and 7 Grade 2s (actually 10 if we include Edel Rose). Played 7 G3s since I don't play nullify and having excess in hand is bad in this deck. Demon Eater for the 20000 (and she's a girl) with Bahr and soul for High Speed Blackie and Soul charge lucksack to SC the wolf in case I don't have it in the soul. As for the Grade 2's, I initially wanted to play Neharen instead of High Speed Blackie, but Brakki gives my deck an extra push at turn 3 onwards.

As for my Grade 1's, 8000 power vanillas are a priority and thus, Bahr and Prisoner Beast is Included. Gojo is included in case I have a very bad opening hand. Iron Tail for filler and CB (but rarely used). I can include 3 more vanilla G1 but I included 3  Conroe for deck-thinning and the extra guard.

Triggers would be 4 heal 12 criticals. I could go with all kagero triggers but since my vanguard would be Dark Irregulars, I figured I have to include as many dark Irregular triggers as possible. Stand triggers doesn't fit this deck and  draw triggers are a waste of my time. Conroe deck-thinning is pure cheating ,and with further deck thinning with Demon Eater's soul-charging a non-trigger, it makes you wonder how can you not trigger a critical lols~

As for Edel Rose, she's a real bonus once you met the conditions (Sieger in soul and CB2). Even at 3 damage, opponents will want to drop 20k guard because of the +1 critical. Making the opponent drop that much guard mid-game is a very good way of setting up for offensive patterns next turn (20000 Demon Eater, 20000+ HighSpeed Brakki). If you go first, beating the opponent to 3 Damage while you're at Grade 2 and follow up with Edel Rose is fierce. Though I'm playing her at 3 as I feel that she is more of a bonus than a requirement as the late game vanguard and she fill in the search engine for the deck.

So far, this deck has it's ups and downs during testing, but it has it's awesome moments. Edel Rose at 22000 (Bahr as support) power and critical +1, with 15000 (1 Bahr 1 Gojo) and 22000 setup (Blackie and Gojo) at rear guards while the opponent is at 4 damage and triggered 1 critical.

The only problem with this deck is that it's ,like a Kagero deck, counterblast reliant if you want to use Edel Rose's effect and it has no nullify. Thus, never aim the rear guard unless your units cannot hit the vanguard when using the deck.


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