Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thoughts on Promo Pack 3 Cards

Discard a RP to get +5000. With a Stand trigger, this thing will be 20000. Prepare to see Stand Paladin roaming around when this card comes out. At the cost of -1, it'll make the opponent drop another 5000(1 card) to block his attack. Not broken

Blue Scale Deer
SB2 to draw 1 card. A good card that allows OTT players to further cover card loss. Can also be splashed in Soulless OTT variants, though luck bird does a better job. Other than that, nothing much.
Bombarding Dragon, Sledge Ankylo
So, 8-draw Tachikaze for exploding hand size? I merely jest. A Margal for Tachikaze that allow perfect number setups. Okay card
Gyro Slinger
CB1 for +1000 boost. CB2 for +2000 boost. I'd rather use CB2 for Dudley Dan. Aside from CB usage, he has a good base. I'll be needing this for my Spike Brothers.
Knowledge Drunkard
A modified Aermo that helps soul build-up. Do note that you discard before you draw.Though I prefer a draw trigger for Dark Irregulars over this.

For this promo, as long as I don't get knowledge drunkard, it's okay. Now, there's a reason to spam tourneys.


Bernard Tzing said...

nice..where can get the Knowledge Drunkard?since it's a promo card

PsychoSnake said...

the promo pack isn't out yet. You can get the packs by attending tournies that provide them. Prolly Oct

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