Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thoughts on BT04 preview

Nova Grappler

I have to say that the addition of Stern Blaukruger will give rise to a totally new (or rather ,extremely overlooked NG build) I've heard a couple of people brushing off this card as useless, but think about it.

When I attack, I'll do a twin drive, gaining a +2 from the additional +1 from Draw Phase(overall +3 so far). If the attack hits, I can CB2 to stand my [VG and RG support] while discarding 2 cards , a -2, to attack again, gaining another +1. So in the end it becomes: 2+1-2+1 = +2 card advantage instead of the usual +3 card advantage.

In conclusion, you're giving up 1 card to drive check 3 times, while pulling off a Graceful Charity(Draw 3 cards and discard 2 cards). And when Critical triggers are emphasised here, critical can be stacked on the vanguard and this guy will literally rip your opponent's hand apart mid-game. Even if the defending player successfully guard the VG attack, the attacking player wouldn't have to waste any CB, and is ready to taunt you every turn.

Another key thing to note is the effect allows the attacking player to discard dead cards late game to reduce as much loss ,in terms of guard,

So, stock up your crits and death Metal Droids people.


Amber Dragon "Eclipse".I will spam him when BT04 is released. Undoubtedly, the effect has some similarity to the awesome Dragonic Overlord. It is best fitting in the vanguard zone while Dragonic Overlord best fits in the rear guard zone. Ember+Bahr attack the opponent's Silent Tom (yes, I hate Silent Tom when he is in the opponent's field).Potentially retiring 3 rear guards with just a CB2 sounds delicious.

On a more positive note, this guy has a potential +5 at the cost of CB2 if done correctly [+2(twin drive) +1(attack rear guard and pass) +2(retiring 2 rear guard)]. Then again, if the opponent attempts to guard, he has to worry about 18k(assume support is Bahr) + the twin drive. Making the opponent drop 15-20 at CB2 ain't that bad as well.

Dimension Police

A double critical clan. One of the things that stand out for this clan is the ability to potentially twin drive twice and boosting the vanguard in terms of power and criticals. At the cost of -5 hand (filling up your rear guard zones), you can get back a +4 and probably additional crits. With the 4 drive checks, Daiyusha can gain another +1 critical with just 1 trigger. Glory Maker just makes the clan a counter clan, stocking up 4 damage and hitting back hard with a 20k Daiyusha with 2 critical. I'll be making this deck since the +4 sounds nice.

I'll be looking forward to BT04. It's a vast improvement, in terms of card design as compared to BT03. *still hoping for nubatama/megacolony add-ons*


Yi Zhe said...
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Yi Zhe said...

For Stern Blaukruger, the combo it can use is boost by Toolkit Boy.
So, the counter blast it use is only 1. Therefore, I always use it as a Final Turn ability. If drive enough triggers, it can stand 5 times! (deck must have draw trigger of course).

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