Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pale Moon: Breaking patterns

With the addition of the new promo, PM players are in for a treat

With this you can now set up your Bunny/Alice combos by exchanging them with useless cards (most of the time they're draw triggers). You can also send CBT to the soul to meet the requirement for +3000 for various PM cards. Another plus factor would be it's good art

I've questioned the need for Crimson Beast Tamer in a Pale Moon Deck on a Facebook page and am not surprised that more than 80% agreed that CBT is an essential for a Pale Moon Deck. Mickey decided to mod a Pale Moon, including the new promo, of a friend and we playtested it. Despite the drop in power, the deck is surprisingly easy to use (ofc u need a certain amount of luck for essential cards to go to the soul) and you don't have to worry about putting CBT into the soul.

Deck : Pale Moon (PS Edition.)

4 Nightmare Doll, Alice
4 Darkness Magician Robert

4 Barking Cerberus
3 Mirror Demon
4 High Speed Blackie

2 Underworld Hypnotist
4 Midnight Bunny
4 Purple Trapezist
4 Skull Juggler

17 Standard Pale Moon Grade 0s
*This is my version. Mickey has a different variant*

Remove the lucksack shenanigans and maximised what I felt is good. High Speed Blackie is there to fill in the power loss due to removing CBT and friends and it synergises very well with Midnight bunny. Another reason would be to rely less on luksack trigger power-ups and deliberately setting up strong successful attacks to connect your combos. After a heavy 2.1k attack, which ,in most cases, is not blocked mid-game, Blackie spins to the deck, creating an empty RG slot and triggering Midnight Bunny's effect to call out another attacker. From here, you will have a free column to do some funky Pale Moon play without retiring your units.

A combo would be to follow up this attack by pulling out a Purple Trapezist into the slot Midnight Bunny was in, activating her effect by sending a RESTED PM unit to call out Nightmare Doll Alice. Form here, you have a 16k setup Alice ready to go after a 21k attack.

I maximised Trapezist as I feel that it is, though comparable, like a powered-down Dudley Dan, changing your (draw triggers/other useless stuff atm) to units that can contribute to your offense, Since only 3 of the Grade 2 or higher units have 8k power, splashing in 6k supports that is considered good is not that bad.

As for Grade 3s, I don't see the point of playing Barking Manticore. Thus, Robert takes his place. Robert sieve out triggers for powerful attacks.

Mickey also mentioned a loop while testing the deck, involving 2 Trapezist and 1 Alice. When Alice hits, call out Trapezist. Then, by Trapezist's effect, soul charge the other rested Trapezist for an Alice. Rinse and repeat. Props to him for thinking of that.

As of now, I dont own a Pale Moon deck. I'll prolly test it out in Cardfight Capital.


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