Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Online Tourney Report :) - 6/9/2011 StrykerDragoon's CF Tournament Series 2011 Qualifier Numero Uno

To start up, I shall post today's morning tourney report^^.

Venue: Online VG (Cardfight Capital)
Time: 4am - 8am (very early and very long-.-)
Entry Fee: -nil-
Participants: 36
Format: 8 random players chosen to play for first round >>> cut to top 32
From then, Single elimination to last 4 players
After that, Round robin between the semi-finalist
Deck use: Oracle Think Tank :P

Couldn't sleep that night so wake up and found that there's a tourney online. Hence, I decided to join with my OTT :)

First round
auto bye
Wasn't chosen for the 8 players :)

Second round: [RK] Cbox618 - Spike Brothers
Cbox was a strong player, enjoyed playing with him. I started off with a ride of Cresent Moon.He started off by mulligan-ing 4 cards (deduced that he lack of 2 grades), then he rided Cheer Girl and called mecha trainer to right back rg zone. He then called silence joker to rg zone behind vg and strike force in front of mecha. (wierd so deduced that he lack G2 or G3 after mulligan). Any ways, later on he really misrided G3 and it was all to OTT:)

Third round: [RK] Storm - Oracle Think Tank
Storm uses sphere magus as vg instead of godhawk so is an old build. He misrided G2 (lucky me^^) and I have control from then and managed to keep it all the way through.

Fourth round: [RK] Asura Goko801 - Nova Grappler
Stars at team RK lol, the third Rk member I have fought. It was a close match and Goko managed to have a gold rutile as VG and drove check a stand and a crit when I was at 3 dmg. I took the two dmg from VG and no triggers was out, Goko misinterpreted the effects of gold rutile and tot that he could CB 4 and stand 2 units but I explained to him that it is an auto effect and can only be activated once like bors. I allowed him to have rechoosing of his triggers though, but Goko said that it was his fault for misinterpreting the effects and refused to rechoose o.o gentleman^^. Well, I manage to save myself from the sixth dmg. Then, during my turn, I soul charge Cresent Moon (so lucky^^ only have half moon and goodhawk in soul), so my rg Full Moon was revived with 11k:). With Amaterasu effect, I checked circus magus and placed it btm. My Vg then went for an atk on Gold Rutile with only 17k (Circle Magus boost) and 1 hand size (opponent was at 4 dmg at that time). He guards with 20k shield and have 2 hand card left. I then drove check a crit and a heal and passed all to Full Moon. Full Moon atk for game^^.

Managed to squeeze in the top 4 along with [Legend] Gancelot, [CS] Shirosaki and [Nexus] Vendette.

Round robin first round: [Nexus] Vendette - kagero
The game ended fast since I double crit him when I hit G3 and him having 3 dmg. Enough said. Sry Vendette:(

Round robin second round: [CS] Shirosaki - royal paladin
Well I misride G3 (stares at the Amaterasu and 2 Full moons at dmg zone), Shiro have control from there and hit my VG with huge monsters. Lost in the end.

Round robin third round: [Legend] Gancelot
I started first and got rushed by G1s to 3 dmg. Luckily, Gancelot misrided G2 and allow me to catch up with the dmg and eventually clinched the win. Be more optimistic, Knight:) and lucky will shine your road to victory^^.

The scores were Me and Shiro with 2 wins each, Gancelot and Vandette with 1 win each.

Finals: [CS] Shirosaki - royal paladin
Well it was a very close match, it was until the turn when Shiro Holy Charging Roar me and managed to pull out 2 crits!!! Luckily, I guarded the VG with Chocolate if not it will be gg-ed (from 3 dmg to 6dmg). He pass each crit and power to each RG. One is 27k while another 30k-.- I managed to guard one and let one pass leaving me with 5 dmg. During my turn, I decided to rushed him since he have 3 hand size and 4 dmg, but having known that he have 2 10k shield in hand, I would need a crit to win the game. Well, I dint pull out one, instead I pulled out 2^^. The game suddenly turned laggy then, his first dmg was SSD but did not managed to pull out his 6th and 7th dmg before he dced...... sad:( So, it turns out to have no ending.

Anyways, I am proud to bring glory to FT:) and was given the first slot for StrykerDragoon Big tournament that will be held at the end of the month most probably.

This the deck list I used:)

Tsuku's Memory
G0: 1 Godhawk, Ichibyoshi
4 Lozenge Magus
4 Psychic Bird
4 Oracle Guardian Nike
2 Dream Eater
2 Miracle Kid

G1: 4 Goddess of the Cresent Moon, Tsukuyomi
4 Oracle Guardian Gemini
3 Circle Magus
3 Battle Sister Chocolate

G2: 4 Silent Tom
4 Goddess of the Half Moon, Tsukuyomi
3 Security Guardian

G3: 4 CEO Amaterasu
2 Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi
2 Secretary Angel

Do post your comments, suggestions or questions:)


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