Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kagero Draw Engine and Crit-Based Grappler

I'll be featuring the winner of one of the tourney's in Japan (after the restriction of Barkgal). 

 ◆優勝:タナカさん デッキ名:のう"ぁかげろう

4 Asura Kaiser
3 Death Metal Droid
3 Genocide joker

3 Death Army Lady
2 Magician Girl Killala
4 Genocide Jack

2 Flames of Hope, Aermo
3 Dragon Monk Gojou
4 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
2 Twin Blader 

3 Death Army Guy

4 Lizard Soldier Ganlu (醒)
4 Battle Riser (醒)
4 Red Lightning (☆)
4 Round Girl Clara (Heal)
1 Lizard Soldier Conroe (VG Start)

8 Stand with 10 G3? Stand all the way. If we assume each stand trigger to be a critical trigger (in terms of damage output), it has almost the same rush as a 12-crit Kagero with CEO Amaterasu as VG, just that the opponent now has the chance to guard each attack (hand control). He also has the choice of splitting damage and aim for rear guards when the situation fits.

As for triggers, despite using Kagero Base, he uses NG triggers. Meta in japan is Kagero? 

 Yes, Conroe for replenishing -1 from riding . The important part is that at 1 damage, you can basically search for any Kagero card that fits the situation.

Nova Grapplers don't have any other way to save themselves from crappy hand except for Dancing Announcer Shout. With Conroe, we can get back the -1 from riding and subsequently SEARCH for the Gojo/Aermo to have the higher chance of getting the cards you want + deck thinning for 1 less trigger.

Other stuff you can search:
- Dragon Dancer Lourdes: Yes the 9k looks delicious, and it's a girl, why not play?

- Iron Tail Dragon: For more power support

Since we're talking about decks, I might as well post something I've been testing on Cardfight Capital

Crit-Based Grappler (PS edition)
(Subject to changes since the rest of the cards are not out yet)

4 Stern Blaukruger
4 Death Metal Droid

4 King of Sword

2 High-Speed Blackie
3 Magical Girl Killala
2 Hungry Dumpty

4 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
4 Dragon Monk Gojo
4 Iron Tail Dragon
2 Twin Blader

4 Shining Lady
4 Red Lightning (☆)
4 Three Minutes (Draw)
4 Round Girl Clara (Heal)
1 Lizard Soldier Conroe (Starting VG)

Initially, the triggers were all Kagero cards, until I realised they cannot be discard fodder once I have  Stern Blaukruger as VG. Thus, the NG triggers, and it's more safe ,especially against a Kagero matchup (lols, play too much Kagero). Halfway thru, you can use Aermo/Gojo to discard excess Kagero in your hand to stock up for more NG for late game Kruger action lol~

It's been working out for me pretty well. 4 DMD and 2 HSB for the 20-21k rear guard at minimal cost. Iron tail is there to make sure that DMD can reach 21k if u have not enough Bahrs. Hungry Dumpty to unflip the 1CB used for Conroe (looks redundant now but don't complain when u have not enough CB lols~) Still testing with Grade 2 lineup though. Subject to changes since not all of the cards are out.


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