Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blue Scale Deer: WTF

Having a CB2 for a draw is quite a standard for OTT (Libra/Apollon), since the CB limitation is there but a SB to draw is already enough of a mindfuck for the opponent since soul is only limited to the number of cards in your deck. Even for a 15/16k setup, this thing just rips. CEO/Psychic Bird/Tsukuyomi can stock up the soul so it wont be a problem to trigger the effect. Though nerfed with a mere 8000 power and a "attack must hit" condition, it doesn't stop it from being a troll. Here is a breakdown:

If the defending player blocks:
- Attacking player:" Oh okay, you'l get a -1 for now. I'll keep this up till you let me draw a card TROLOLOL"
- Attacking player: "You blocked my attack. It's okay, I have CEO as a vanguard, my soul's just gonna get bigger and bigger. Later you'll see 2 deers instead of 1. Lets see if you'll block everything (ノ*゜▽゜*)ノ"

If defending player lets it pass:
- Attacking player: "Yay, I can draw"
- Attacking player: "I drew a trigger, nvm 10k guard 8D"
- covers up that 1 card advantage loss from sending back ur Heal trigger back to deck.
- Defending player realises Attacking player has CEO. *flips table*

Some trolling shenanigans:
CEO's effect puts the checked card on top. Defending player might think that it is a trigger, but it seems that the attacking player chooses to attack with deer first:
- Defending player lets it pass , thinking that he won't activate his effect since he places the trigger on top, so that he can save guard for CEO. To his dismay, attacking player uses Deer's SB ability to draw.*inserts troll face*
- Defending player lets it pass, but he doesn't activate SB skill? A trigger is coming *defending player calculates guard*, only to be hit by a stand trigger, stand deer and boost to Deer. Now, Deer's a 14k walking taunting machine, making you take damage and let it draw , or makes you drop a 5k(usually G1 or G2)

So if the deer is so annoying, lets retire him, but here's a catch:
- Defending player: "Oh okay, I have Silent Tom/Apollon/Libra etc in my hand ready for takeoff and you just wasted an attack worth a 10k guard." Do remember that during late game, he has drawn enough to draw into another deer, and he would've triggered 1-2 draw triggers on his way (assuming he uses draw).
- Defending player: "I have an empty slot now, time to spam the grade 3's in my hand!"
"So if this guy is so strong, then I should play Luck Bird as well?"
Luck Bird and The Troll Deer have their similarities but sad to say, deer is much stronger here as:
- Luck Bird has a 5k base, a number that is too small to even support anything. You'll probably retire it eventually for a stronger unit so that you can reach 16k setups. As for deer, he can be easily boosted by a 7k/8k depending on situations to make it ready to go.
- deer has a choice to activate his effect, as compared to mandatory Luck Bird. This makes taunting much easier and better for OTT players to gain Soul (CEO/Tsuku).

Other than Deer, there is still LIbra and Apollon to worry about.

Info gathered when my friend, Andrew, and I playtest and he proxied this card. As I'm the person in the receiving end, it's like playing against another Pale Moon Deck, just that it has 8 critical triggers, Silent Tom, CEO, recyclable heal triggers etc. The agony

PP03 is a fun pack


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