Monday, August 29, 2011

Tourney report: 20/08/2011 STGCC Dark Rebellion Emperor Cup

Didn't manage to post any recent material due to work/ACME/STGCC/hari raya preparations etc. So this is considered a very delayed post

Venue: Suntec Convention Hall
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Entry fee: $0
Participants: 29
Format: Double Elimination - 6 Round Swiss
Deck Used: Spike Brothers

4 Juggernaut Maximum
4 Sky Diver

4 MVP Panther
4 Panzer Gali
4 Hi-Speed Blackie

4 Wonder Boy
3 Dudley Dan
3 Cyclone Blitz
3 Cheer Girl Marilyn

1 Mecha Trainer
16 generic Spike Brother tirggers

I didn't add any General Seyfried or any Devil summoners as their effects are too sacky imo. I didn't see the need to put any more luck based elements to my deck. Detailed explanation in a separate post.

I was an hour and a half early for the tournament. Walked around the convention hall and look at the stuff there (Kamen Rider cosplay so cool imo). I eventually got glued to the Dragon Nest exhibition lol. Met a couple of guys who frequent Hougang card shop often (Allan, Misaki etc.)

Match 1: Allan - Pale Moon
I registered for the tournament a number later than him. When the pairings are up, players are paired according to their numbers (1 vs 2, 3 vs 4 etc.) He was no.20 while i was no.21. Oh well. He played fairly well. Towards the end, he had Manticore as VG and 2 other RG (cant remember) with 3 Midnight bunny as support and he attacked normally without triggering the effects. I blocked most of them though. At the end of the match, he revealed that the deck is his friends' and he doesn't know how to play Pale Moon.

Match 2: Zess - Pale Moon
He ended up with Robert as VG and had 7 souls stocked with 4 damage. I attacked the VG and prayed for a critical. One popped up amongst 3-4 attacks and target the RG to prevent him from getting 5 damage. We manage to stall for quite a bit till he has no hand and drive check 2 Nightmare Doll Alice. Took the game form there. Good game though.

Match 3: Shawn - Grand Blue
He shuffled and draw his cards without me chopping his deck. His deck has so much foils that they are popping out from his deck. Won by looking at the top of his deck lol.

Match 4: Ivan - Spike Brother
By right I should've lost this match. I was planning to deal only 2 damage to him on the first turn but in the end got a crit. He pulled off a 2nd turn Dudley Dan/Juggernaut Maximum beat and pushed me to 5 damage in his 3rd turn. Used Dudley Dan to turn my 5k guards to 10k guards and played steadily. On my first twin drive, I managed to get a double crit while the opponent is at 4 damage. He was prepared to guard when I have only 1 trigger, but he could not do anything to a double crit. Luck on my part. Still, good game imo.

Match 5: Joel - Grand Blue
A decent Grand blue player who has a habit to overextend for every turn he manages to attack. He manages to get a double critical on me, but I have to keep calm. I pushed him with 20k+ attacks late game and finished off with Juggernaut/Blackie at 20k+ each.

Match 6: Nicholas (Misaki) - Spike Brother
If I won the match, I would've won the tournament, but I've lost. He restrained himself by dealing 2 damage at his first attacking turn and pulled off a Devil Summoner , superior calling an MVP Panther and pushed me form there with the +1. A reason for my loss would be that my offense couldn't keep up with his attempt to deplete my hand as I was playing defensively, while making small effective attacks to his VG/RG mid-game. Good game imo

On to top 4

Match 7: Abel - Spike Brother
There is a limit to what I can do against luck. He got a double critical at his first twin drive and the following turn, General Seyfried activates his effect to Call Juggernaut Maximum for game. I guarded and calculated that if he gets a trigger/grade 3, it would be game for me.

Overall, I got fourth and Misaki got 3rd. He insists that he gets the 3rd position because he beat me lol.

Promo: Omni Science Madonna (I wanted anything but this ;/)

Thoughts on dark zone:
I have yet to see any consistent dark irregular players, though stil vampire builds have lots of potential. I've seen lots of decent grand blue players. No comments about spike brother players atm.


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